Pastors Trial Update 17

HUDO Centre
11th May 2017
    Update (17) COURT TRIAL OF NISS/SUDAN AGAINST PASTORS AND THE ACTIVIST SUDANESE PRESIDENT GRANTS                                                                                                                          AMNESTY/PARDON

Today afternoon the 11th May 2017, Hassan Abduelraheem Kodi (the Pastor) and Abduelmoneim Abdalmwlla (the activist) were set free after a presidential amnesty issued/granted by Sudan president/ Omer Albashir. The amnesty was granted after the two had spent more than sixteen months in custody which started by NISS, then remand by SSP and lastly convicted to twelve (12) years in prison by the Judge at Khartoum Centre court. Gratitude HUDO Centre appreciates the pressure that was exerted by the international community, institutions, national and international civil society organizations. HUDO Centre is grateful to whoever contributed directly or indirectly to the two families and grateful for the happy ending. HUDO urges all that are concerned to keep on pressuring in order to enable respect of human rights in Sudan.

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