26th May 2017

                                                                                                                     URGENT ACTION
                                                              SHOOTING AND ARREST OF HAFIZ MUSA ALNOUR IN DILLING, SUDAN
On 6 th May 2017, Hafiz Musa Alnour was shot on his leg and arrested by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Dilling/ Sudan. He was taken to MI custody but, the reason for his arrest is not known yet. He is denied treatment and family visits. This has created fear about his health status. Hafiz Musa Alnour, 25 years old, farmer, married and father of a one month baby. He lives in Kalendi village near Kurgul of South Kordufan about 50 km south Dilling town. Hafiz was in Dilling town visiting a sick relative at Dilling hospital. As he was leaving town with his motorbike, he stopped at the check point where he was instantly shot on his right leg and fell down. Without delay, five SAF soldiers put him on their pickup vehicle and drove to their military base. The family was informed by eye witnesses and they went to the military base for inquiry. The soldiers confirmed to the family about his arrest but, denied them access/visit. HUDO Centre got reliable information from credible source that Hafiz has not received any kind of treatment, which is raised the concern about his life/health. HUDO Centre call on Sudan government
· To allow immediate health care and family visit for Hafiz.
· To disclose the reason behind his arrest and allow him access his lawyers.
· To ensure his immediate unconditional release or run a legal procedure if found guilt
· To carry out investigations about Hafiz case, make findings public and holding accountable those responsible.
· To stop harassing civilians.

HUDO Centre 2 More information
In Dilling town the security authorities (NISS and MI) put a lot of monitoring on peoples’ movement. The security mainly suspects people from Dilling peripheries using motorbikes and they accuse them of supplying SPLA-N. For this reason, many people are arrested and tortured. HUDO Centre frequently receives field reports about such kind of arrest.