No. H.K/UA/04/017
28th August 2017

                                                                                                                    URGENT ACTION
                                                      ARREST AND ASSAULT OF A CIVILIAN BY SAF IN KHOR–ELDALAIB OF SUDAN
On 29th July 2017, Mr. Mohammed Ghaboush Yasein was arrested by a group of Sudan Army Forces in Khor-Eldelaib. The arrest was because he was suspected to be trading with SPLA-N. His whereabouts is not known and is suspected to be facing torture and ill-treatment. Mr. Mohammed Ghaboush Yasein, 27 years old, a teacher by profession (graduate) who works as a trader in his home town/village at Khor-Eldelaib. Khor-Eldelaib village is approximately 25 km Southwest of Rashad town the capital of Rashad locality in South Kordufan. On 29th July 2017, four (4) SAF soldiers came on a military vehicle to Yasein’s house at Hegair neighborhood in Khor-Eldelaib. They arrested him while beating him and they took him to the military base of Khor – Eldelaib. His family members went to the military base where they allowed them to meet him. They inquired from the commandant Capt. Babikir why Yasein was arrested and he informed them that, “he is accused of trading with some individuals from SPLA-N area and he will be interrogated and release soon”. After two days, members of his family went back to the same commandant to inquire about Yasein. The commandant changed statement (contradicted himself) and replied that, “we do not have such a person under our detention”. Since then Yasein’s whereabouts is not known and his family members are worried about his life. HUDO is very concerned about Mr. Yasein’s life and we call upon;
· Sudan government to disclose his whereabouts and to allow family and lawyer visits.
· Sudan government to hold SAF member’s dealing in such a way to account
· The SAF authorities to ensure that Yasein is not subjected to torture or any ill-treatment.
· Authorities to release him or to send him to the courts of law if there is any recognized case to answer. HUDO Centre 2 More information Since 2011 when the war broke out in South Kordufan, HUDO Centre reported many incidences where detainees disappear regardless of their gender. Many times the authorities deny that such detainees are not in their cells. Examples where authorities deny the presence of recognized detainees;
1. In Talodi, since 2011 many civilians (some listed below) were arrested by military intelligence (MI) and up to now their fate is not known.
 i. Mr. Abass Mohamed Salim, 37 years old, administration officer, was arrested on 8th June 2011
 ii. Mr. Hamid Teya Jarab, 40 years old, butcher, was arrested on 8th June 2011
 iii. Mr. Omer Kodi, 33 years old, arrested on 17th June 2011
2. In Aleri, some people (some listed below) were arrested by MI on 29th October 2012, since then up to now no one knows their fate.
 i. Mr. Adam Jojo, 65 years old, community leader/ trader,
 ii. Ms. Hawa Elkoura, 35 years old, housewife.
 iii. Ms. Kella Marzouq, 40 years old, housewife.