No. H.K/UA/06/017
1st September 2017

                                                                                                                   URGENT ACTION
                                                                        UNLAWFUL EVICTION OF CHURCH LEADERS’ HOUSES
On 14th August 2017, court police forced pastor/ Yahya Abdurrahman and Pastor/ Sediq Abdalla to vacate their houses due to adjudication which was wrongfully implemented. The families of the two pastors stayed on the roadside (open space) as police objected to the family’s’ pleas and explanation. Pastor/ Yahya Abdurrahman; 44 years old, married with one child is the president/ head of the Presbyterian Evangelical Church Synods (Sudan). Pastor/ Sediq Abdalla; 43 years old, married with two children is the vice president of the Presbyterian Evangelical Church Synods (Sudan). Both of their families live (reside) in the church houses at Mulazmein neighborhood of Omdurman town. On 14th August 2017, a group of court police came to the pastors’ homes and ordered them to immediately vacate their two houses. The police presented (had) a court order from the justice of Omdurman Centre Court instructing the families to leave the premises/houses in favour of Mr.Husham Hamadeneil (the investor). According to the court order from Justice of Omdurman Centre Court, the plot in question (to be vacated) is Plot 567 – square3/4 at Isbitalia Neighborhood of Omdurman. This is different from Plot 527 – square 3/6 and 514 – square 3/6 at Mulazmein neighborhood of Omdurman where Pastors’ houses are located. The police could not consider the pastor’s explanation and objections hence forcefully evicting them. The two pastors’ families and their property/luggage were thrown out to the road/street. The pastors’ appealed to the Court of Appeal and on 22nd August 2017; the Court of Appeal issued its verdict stating that, the two plots (527 – square 3/6 and 514 – square 3/6 at Mulazmein Neighborhood) were not subject to the Court order issued by Omdurman Centre. HUDO Centre calls on Sudan government
· To practice the rule of law.
· To respect the church and Christian leaders constitutional rights.
· To unconditionally allow the two pastors access to their houses.
· To investigate the wrong implementation of the court order so that those responsible are held to account
· To compensation the affected families morally and financially. HUDO Centre 2 More information Time after time the police implements court orders wrongly particularly against church buildings where they ignore any kind of correction. On 1st July 2015, Police arrested Mr. Muhanad Mustafa the lawyer of Khartoum North Evangelical church who appeared to challenge wrongful implementation of the court order. On this day, Police came at (Estate 5D) to implement a court demolish resolution, whereas the resolution was meant for (Estate 5H). Advocate Mustafa presented to the police a copy of the court resolution which indicated that, they were going to implement the order in a wrong Estate. The Police reacted by arresting him and accused him of objecting official orders and they took him together with Pastor. Hafiz Faseiha Mangestu to Khartoum North police station. The police filed a case against them under article (99 – Obstructing public servant from performing the duties of his office) of Sudan Code Penal – 1991. Mr. Mustafa and the Pastor were detained for six (6) hours and later the court dismissed the case. Nonetheless, the order was wrongly implemented and the building was demolished.