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13th September 2017

Introduction On 2nd Sept 2016, Public Defense Force (PDF) soldiers on more than twenty motorcycles accompanied by two land cruiser vehicles attacked Al-Sanadra village in Al-Abbasiya locality in South Kordufan state. The attack was based on a claim that some cattle were looted and the footsteps passed through Al-Sanadra village. As a result of the attack, nine (9) people were killed, about twenty (20) wounded and some houses were looted and burnt down, cattle were looted as well as displacement of many residents of Al-Sanadra. The authorities (state/security) first ignored the case but later considered it after much pressure from citizens/public. The case was opened at Al-Abbasiya police office. The lawyers’ of the victims (Accusation panel) requested for the transfer of court to Khartoum and it was accepted. Summary of the first court session The first court session was conducted on 20th August 2017 before Justice/ Abdeen Hamad Dhahi at Khartoum north court and the following were present; the prosecutor Mr. Mohamed Alsafi, the victims’ lawyers (accusation panel) headed by Mr. Baroud Sandal, the defendants’ lawyers headed by Mr. Elamein Ibrahim and the defendants were present except two. The court session was a procedural one in that, Justice. Abdeen Hamad Dhahi declared the beginning of the court and announced the investigator to present the case in the next session on 14th September 2017 at 12:00 midday. Consequences On 23rd August 2017, the victims’ lawyer Mr. Kamal Abdalla Hussein on behalf of his panel submitted an objection to the Justice/Judge complaining that all defendants are moving freely and that they went back to Al-Abbasiya yet they are supposed to be confined at the military prison. That this act is a provocation to the relatives of the victims. In response, the justice/Judge issued an arrest warrant against them all, to be detained at the military prison. That the arrest should be implemented by the military court.
1. All defendants appeared at the court in the military uniform but, the Judge/Justice issued an order for them all to come for the next court session in civilian clothes.
2. There was an attempt to conduct this court at Al-Abbasiya and then after at Um-Rawaba town. But the session failed due to tension and lack of control
3. The defendants who were absent are:
             i. Hassan Abdelfadeil who disappeared since the case was opened.
            ii. Hussein Ramadan is under age, he was found grazing the looted cattle.

HUDO Centre
Recommendation HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
§ The Sudan court to conduct this trial fairly.
§ The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions.
§ The activists and defendants’ supporters to attend the court sessions.
§ The Sudan and international media to give coverage for the court.

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