No. H.K/UA/05/017
31st August 2017

                                                                                                               URGENT ACTION
On 4th July 2017, Mr. Shamsoun Tubra, his wife/ Hawa and his sister/ Khameesa were arrested by MI in Umbrambeta. The arrest was in line of their displacement from SPLA-N territory to the governmental territory. They have been arrested and denied access to lawyers contact and detained in bad conditions. Mr. Shamsoun Tubra, a 25 year old farmer, his wife Hawa Noureldin Mamoureya, 23 years old (housewife) and his sister Khameesa Tubra, 21 years old. Umbrambeta is a town in the eastern region of South Kordufan State of Sudan. On 4th July 2017, at 05:30 AM four SAF armed soldiers headed by Noureldaeim a member of MI came to Shamsoun’s house which is located in Sheishan neighborhood of Umbrambeta. They beat/assaulted Shamsoun as his family members and neighbors who came to find out watched. Soon after, they arrest him together with his wife and sister and took them to the military camp premises. They accused him of spying because he moved from the SPLA-N area/territory to the government controlled territory. On 24th July, Shamsoun’s sister Ms. Khameesa was released while the other two remained in custody. HUDO got reliable information that, the two are detained in a hole designed to be a cell for detention. They are detained in bad conditions, undergoing inhuman treatment with no access to family visits or lawyers contact. HUDO is very concerned about Shamsoun’s family detention we call upon;
· Sudan government to respect the rights of detainees
· The MI detaining authority should allow them the access to family and lawyers
· Sudan government to hold account the SAF and MI members responsible of the inhuman acts
· Sudan military authorities to ensure that detainees are not subjected to torture or any ill-treatment
· The government, for their immediately release or to send them to the court if they are facing any recognized crime.
· Sudan government should lift the state of emergency. HUDO Centre 2 More information
· The lack of humanitarian services and food shortage in the SPLA-N occupied territories forced many people to shift to the neighboring villages in the government controlled territories, this happened mostly in Dalami area. The arrested people passed through the same channel up to Umbrambeta where they faced suspicion by security agencies which led to their arrests.
· The state of emergency status in South Kordufan and Blue Nile states enhanced MI to arrest civilians in that many people suffer ill-treatment and torture. For instance; in Blue Nile the MI used to detain civilians in iron containers. In South Kordufan they used to detain many people in prepared holes or in limited space without ventilation, no healthcare or enough food. For example; Mr. Joro Ali kasir, 73 years old, unemployed, he was arrested in Talodi of South Kordufan on 31st August 2011, detained with more than thirty detainees in a room of (4X4 metres). He died on 3rd May 2012 as a result of the mentioned conditions of detention.