HUDO Centre
17th December 2018
                                                                                                             PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                                   ASSAULT AND LOOTING IN HABILLA/ SUDAN

On 9th December 2018, six people riding camels assaulted Mrs. Mariam Mohammed Adam while at her farm in Habila and they forcefully took her three sacks of sorghum. A case was opened against anonymous since police recorded it without visiting the crime scene. On 9th December 2018, while Mrs. Mariam Mohammed Adam was harvesting sorghum at her farm near Habilla, six Arab nomads riding on camels whipped her and insulted her by calling her a slave. They forcefully took (looted) her three sacks of sorghum that she had harvested. At evening hours her husband came to the farm looking after her (because of unusual delay) and he found her unable to stand on her feet. He took her to the police office where police filed a case against anonymous yet, the victim informed them that she can recognize the attackers/ perpetrators. However, police disregarded visiting the scene (her farm) which is approximately three (3) km from police office and about five hundred (500) meters away from the nomads’ village (allegation village). Mrs. Mariam Mohammed Adam, 47 years old, is a married and farmer. Habilla is a town in South Kordufan and known as agricultural scheme. Mariam’s farm is in a distance of three (3) km southeast of Habilla town and five hundred (500) meters from Elwedai village/ nomads’ village. HUDO is very concerned about the safety of civilians in conflict areas /states of Sudan and calls upon;
· Sudan government (at central and state levels) to safeguard civilians.
· South Kordufan State government to ensure that Mrs. MariamM. Adam gets justice.
· Habilla police to carry out their duty responsibly and to act for justice.

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