HUDO Centre
27th December 2018
                                                                                                             PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                                                         (for immediate release)
                                                                                          DEMONSTRATION IN AL-FULA/ SUDAN

On 25th December 2018, seven people were injured during a peaceful demonstration at Al-Fula town capital of West Kordufan State due to the excessive force used by security authorities. Two of those injured are in a serious condition. On 25th December 2018, thousands of Al-Fula residents participated in a peaceful demonstration moving through the main street in town towards the headquarters of the state in order to submit a statement to the state governor demanding for their basic rights. When they had reached Alhurriya Square which is one kilometer from the state headquarters, masked armed soldiers in police and NISS uniform came on eleven vehicles and surrounded them. They immediately, used teargas and live ammunitions towards the unarmed demonstrators. As a result, seven people were injured whereby two of them have severe injuries. The names of the injured people are: Yasin Sediq, Haidar Gabar, Hamid Rahama, Mohammed Yagoub, Adam Suliman, Ismail Aldod and Mohammed Yousif. The first two are in a bad condition that needs urgent medical attention; they have been referred to Elobeid hospital for further treatment. Since the second week of December 2018, demonstrations have been going on in many towns of Sudan where people are demanding for their basic rights and complaining about the high cost of living caused by the current economic crisis that triggered the scarcity of bread, fuel and money. HUDO is very concerned about the excessive force used by government soldiers on un-armed peaceful demonstrators and calls upon;
· Sudan government (at central and state levels) to safeguard the demonstrators/ civilians and to respect the citizens constitutional rights.
· Sudan government to show its obligation and responsibility towards citizen and to hear their demands. · Sudan government to apprehend the soldiers who used the excessive power/force.

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