HUDO Centre 22nd January 2018 Update (10) COURT TRIAL OF AL-SANADRA CASE
This update contains two court sessions that were held on 10th and 17th January 2018 at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Abdeen Hamid Dhahi. The next court session will be on 24th January 2018. Summary of the court sessions In both Court sessions, the hearing of testimonies was still ongoing. This time, six (6) other accusation witnesses were cross-examined by the court, prosecutor and lawyers from both panels. The witnesses informed court that, they were at the scene of the incident (attack) at Al-Sanadra.

Session A;
On 10th January 2018, the court session started at 11:16 AM (Sudan local time). In attendance were the investigator, defendants, the panel of lawyers and the general public while the prosecutor was absent. The following are the accusing witnesses who delivered their testimonies;
· The eighth (8th) witness is Elshareif Ahmed Elshareif, 42 years, civil servant and resident of Al-Sanadra. He informed court that a bullet from Alzaki narrowly missed him but burned the right side of his shirt.
· The ninth (9th) witness is Mahmoud Ismail Abdelrahman, 54 years, self-employed, Imam of Alshawaya village (religious leader) and a resident of Al-Sanadra. He witnessed the murder of Mohammed Abdalla and Awad Ahmed Adam, and he was harassed
· The tenth (10th) witness is Ahmed Alaati, 51 years, farmer and a resident of Al-Sanadra.

Session B; On 17th January 2018 the court session started at 11:30 AM (Sudan local time). In attendance were the investigator, prosecutor, defendants, the panel of lawyers and the general public. The following accusing witnesses delivered their testimonies and were cross- examined;
HUDO Centre
· The eleventh (11th) witness is Hassan Alzaibaq Ismail, 33 years, farmer and a resident of Al-Sanadra. He was shot three times (bullets) by Alhadi and he witnessed the shooting of Ismail Adam
· The twelfth (12th) witness is Yousif Adam Abdelghani, 32 years, farmer and a resident of Al-Sanadra. He also witnessed the murder of Mohammed Abdalla and Awad.
· The thirteenth (13th) witness is Mohamed Elfaki Awad, 32 years, farmer and a resident of Al-Sanadra. The witnesses recognized some of the defendants to have been part of the attackers who killed and injured some people. The summary of their testimonies and cross-examination;
§ The number of the attackers was more than a hundred (100) people and some women were among them.
§ Some witnesses saw a machine gun mounted on a vehicle used at the end of the attack
§ Nobody (victims of the attack) was armed in Al-Sanadra.
§ Among the attackers, nobody was killed or injured
§ A day before the incident, some residents contacted some of the security personnel informing them about the gathering of armed people around their village. There was no immediate response from the authorities.
§ The SPLA-N base at Tassay Mountain is about 15 km to 20 km from Al-Sanadra and there are many villages in between like, Kalenda, Aldamra, Fashouda and Algebailat.
§ Al-Sanadra is free of any rebellion activities.
§ The attackers deformed some of the dead bodies. o Awad was killed and they put his finger in his mouth after cutting it.
o The right ear on the body of Saoudi’s was cut off after killing him
§ The witnesses saw the murder and injuries of;
o Ismail Adam who was shot by Ahmed Jazim.
o Mohammed Abdalla who was killed by Alzaki o Hussan Alzaibaq (11th witness) was shot by Alhadi
§ The witnesses recognized eleven (11) attackers and some of them were before court.
Their names are; Al-sadiq Mohammed Rahma, Bardab Mohammed Abakar, Alzaki Saleh, Mohmmed Nasreldin Daoud, Nematalla Babikir, Mussa Mohammed Abdelkarim, HUDO Centre Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Saleh Joudat, Ahmed Jazim, Alhadi Abdelrahman (Wad Elnum) and Alkar. At the end of the session, the judge adjournment court to 24th January 2018 at 11:00 AM for further hearing of testimonies from the accusation witnesses.
Observation Notes
· Some of the attackers have Kinship relations with some of the victims.
· The 8th and 10th witnesses are members of PDF but they were not informed about this attack. One of them is a former SAF soldier (10th witness). Also there is one retired SAF soldier (11th witness) and one civilian that had trained in military issues (12th witness).

Recommendations/ Appeals HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
§ The Sudan court to conduct the trial fairly
§ The activists and defendants’ supporters to keep on attending court sessions
§ The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions
§ The Sudan and international media to give full coverage for the court

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