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27th February 2018
Update (13)

The court sessions were held on 14th and 21st February 2018 at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Abdeen Hamid Dhahi, all parties were present. The next court session is scheduled for 28 th February 2018. Summary of the court session held on 14th Feb 2018 The session started by 11:45 am (Sudan local time) and the activity in this session was to hear the testimony of the seventeenth (17th ) accusing witness by names of; Altahir Mansour Gaily, 66 years old and a resident of Al-Abbasiya town. He is one of Tagali senior Ommdas/ Mayors and Al-Sanadra is under his territory/ authority. Altahir Mansour Gaily was cross-examined by the prosecutor and lawyers from both panels. In his testimony, he informed court that he received a phone call from the governor/ Daoud Abu-Kalam informing him that he should be at his office for an emergency meeting. The governor had also sent him a car which he used together with the Al-Abbasiya Ommda/ Adam Omer Ismail to go to the meeting venue.
· The witness also informed court that, the governor told him that the meeting was about the looted cattle. Later on, when he was back from the meeting, he received a phone call from Aljailey Adam Alawad (the third accusing witness) informing him that, they are bringing five dead bodies to Al-Abbasiya hospital. It is at that moment that he got to know about Al-Sanadra attack. That he inquired about the phone caller and without delay, he went and saw the dead bodies at the hospital.
· That, the following people were in the meeting; the governor/ Daoud Abu-Kalam, Al-Abbasiya’s army commandant/ Colonel Elrasheed, the PDF leader/ Mohammed Al-Sharif, Ommda/ Adam Omer and other community leaders. The other three people who joined after his arrival are; the state’s Member of Parliament/ Gaidoum Moalla, defendants Abakar Fadelmowla and Hamid Almanzol.

HUDO Centre
· Defendant/ Abakar Fadelmowla had attended the meeting dressed in PDF uniform and that he told the Governor that “now we are in the rebel’s camp we need support”.
· The witness was not aware of anybody that was killed between Al-Sanadra and Shawaya villages.
· The government order prohibiting animal grazing west Al-Abbasiya where Al-Sanadra is located is still on (implemented)
· I don’t know anyone in Al-Sanadra who is a soldier or member of PDF yet, I know all people there either by name or face.
· No one reported to me that, there were some cattle which were looted.
· The Army General/ Elrasheed ordered the PDF commander/ Mohammed AL-Sharif to evacuate/withdraw his soldiers (without saying from where). Immediately after the order, the PDF commander with about ten (10) PDF soldiers including Adam Khamees left in two vehicles (one of them had a machine gun mounted on). Towards the end of the court session, the defendants’ lawyers requested the judge to issue an attendance order (court summons) for the following people to be present in the next session.

                     Ø Captain/ Ali Abakar, the PDF leader in Al-Abbasiya.
                     Ø Dr. Saale Ibrahim, the orthopedic surgeon in Um-Rawaba hospital.
                     Ø Police first lieutenant/ Elsir Musaad the criminal investigations officer in Um-Rawaba
                         police office
                    Ø Al-Abbasiya’s former locality governor/ Daoud Abu-Kalam At the end, the judge
                        adjournment court to 21st February 2018 at 11:00AM.                                                          

Summary of the court session held on 21st Feb 2018

The session started by 11:00 AM (Sudan local time) and it was scheduled to hear more testimonies from other accusing witnesses as requested by the panel of the accusing lawyer in the previous court session. The panel of the accusing lawyers closed the submission of their witnesses (record) and the judge acknowledged. During the same session, the judge began questioning the defendants.
Below is the summary;
1. Hassan Ismail Ramadan
         · My name is Hussein not Hassan and I’m 15 years old. I have nothing to do with sheep issues. Those are concerned with another person who ran away and I do not know him. HUDO Centre · What was given in the investigation sheet are not my words.

2. Ahmed Jazim
          · I’m a SAF soldier (Lance Corporal No. 2202200214) in South Kordufan (SK) western region seconded with other thirteen soldiers to Popular Defense force (PDF) Al[1]Abbasiya. I’m a machine gun shooter.
          · On Friday 2 nd September 2016 at 11:00 AM, I was ordered by my chief/ Asim Salim in Al-Abbasiya for a mission. We had used two vehicles and in both there were machine guns mounted on. The vehicle in which I moved were other soldiers like; Captain/ Ali Abkar Khairat and Lieutenant/ Haitham, but the vehicles didn’t reach Al-Sanadra.
          · I know two of the defendants, Ahmed Al-Tayeb and Saied Abdalla
          · I was armed with a personal weapon (AK-47 gun) but I was not among Al-Sanadra attackers
          · I had entered Hassan Alzaibaq’s house with Alhadi and Alzaki but we were not armed and I didn’t shot Ismail Adam.

3. Saied Abdalla Al-Saied
          · I’m a SAF soldier (Lance Corporal No. 2202200214) in South Kordufan (SK) western region seconded (attached) to PDF Al-Abbasiya. I’m also a driver of the PDF commander captain Ali Abkar.  
          · On Friday 2 nd Sep. 2016 at 11:00 AM, I was ordered by Captain Ali and Asim Salim in Al-Abbasiya to go for a mission. We had used two vehicles and in both there were machine guns mounted on.
          · The vehicles did not reach Al-Sanadra and we didn’t fire any bullet.
          · I know two of the defendants, Ahmed Al-Tayeb and Ahmed Jazim.
          · I was armed with personal weapon/gun (AK 47)

4. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Zain
          · I’m a PDF member (Mujahid) and I was armed with AK 47. My nickname is Wad Ahmed.
          · On Friday 2nd Sep. 2016, I met the PDF commandant and I had accepted his invitation to join them in the mission with the two vehicles.
          · I know two of the defendants Ahmed Jazim and Saied Abdalla.
          · I do not know the witnesses Ahmed Alaati, Hassan Alzaibaq and Emam Abdalla Eldai (but later he mentioned of knowing Emam).
5. Al-sadiq Mohammed Rahma
           · I’m a member of PDF and was armed with AK 47 and RBG gun.
           · I was not among the Al-Sanadra attackers.
           · I know two of the defendants Alzaki and Abakar Fadelmowla
           · I do not know any of those witnesses Ahmed Alaati or Hassan Alzaibaq or Elshareif Ahmed By the end of this session the judge adjourned court to 28th February 2018 at 11:00 AM (Sudan local time) for further questioning of the defendants.

Observation notes
           · According to the military’s Legal consultant questions to the witness, he was trying to ensure that PDF attack is not officially connected to Sudan Armed Forces (SAF).
           · All the five questioned defendants live in Al-Abbasiya except the first defendant (the underage).

Recommendations/ Appeals HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
·The Sudan court to conduct the trial fairly
· The activists, defenders and supporters to keep on attending court sessions
· The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions
· The Sudan and international media to give full coverage for the court

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