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8th May 2018
Update (19)

The court session was held on 3rd May 2018 at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Abdeen Hamid Dhahi. Apart from the prosecutor, all parties were present. During this session, two defending witnesses delivered their testimonies. The next court session is scheduled for 9th May 2018. Summary of the court session On 3rd May 2018, the session started at 11:00 AM (Sudan local time) at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Abdeen Hamid Dhahi and all parties were present apart from the prosecutor. At the beginning of the session, an officer/Colonel from Sudan Arm Force (SAF) informed court that, an investigation committee headed by a Major General was set up to investigate the escape of the sixth defendant together with other three detainees from the military prison. The colonel further informed court that an announcement was sent to all exit points of Sudan. Then the Judge decided to handle the case of the sixth defendant separately and continue the court process concerning the rest. Two (2) witnesses from the defendants’ side submitted their testimonies and they were cross-examined by the two panels of lawyers and the Judge.
The summary of their testimonies is given below;

The 4th defending witness: SAF First Lieutenant/ Haitham Abduelraheem Ali Adam, 37 years old
· I was working in Al-Abbasiya during Al-Sanadra incident.
· Together with a PDF Captain, we were assigned by Colonel/ Alrasheed to go to Al-Sanadra and evacuate the injured people.
· Around 09:00AM, we moved from Al-Abbasiya towards Al-Sanadra in two vehicles whereby one had a machine gun mounted on. But we did not reached Al-Sanadra, we came back to Al-Abbasiya by 10:15 AM.
· I had ordered the soldiers to shoot towards the mountain which is in the opposite direction of Al-Sanadra.
· The PDF in Al-Abbasiya takes their orders from SAF Al-Abbasiya.
· The entire South Kordufan is a military operational area.

The 5th defending witness: PDF security/ MI member/ Aasim Salim Hamid, 37 years old.
· I was in Al-Abbasiya during Al-Sanadra incident.
· I was among those who were assigned to go to Al-Sanadra with the two vehicles. The first vehicle was headed by Captain/ Ali Abakar and the second headed by First lieutenant/ Haitham.
· The assignment was to go and evaluate the situation in Al-Sanadra.
· All orders to PDF comes from SAF.
· First lieutenant/ Haitham’s vehicle had shot from the machine-gun towards the mountain. At the end of the session, the judge adjourned court to 9 th April 2018 at 11:00 AM (Sudan local time).

Observation Notes
· The defendants were brought to court guarded by a troop of SAF soldiers headed by a Colonel accompanied with Major and two Lieutenants.

Recommendations/ Appeals HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
· The Sudan court to conduct the trial fairly
· The activists, defenders and supporters to keep on attending court sessions
· The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions
· The Sudan and international media to give full coverage for the court

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