HUDO Centre 19th July 2018 Update (23) COURT TRIAL OF AL-SANADRA CASE
Two court sessions were held on 26th June and 3rd July 2018 at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Murshid Ahmed Elamein. The prosecutor was not present in court but all the other parties attended. Court was adjourned to 24th July and 2nd August 2018. Summary of the court sessions Six (6) defending witnesses submitted their testimonies and they were questioned by the judge and lawyers’ panels. The names of the defending witnesses are;
25th defending witness: Ahmed Musa Hamad, 42 years, farmer/ PDF member and resident of Al[1]Abbasiya town.
26th defending witness: Elgailey Elsir Ahmed Omer, 36 years, SAF officer, and resident of Rabak town. He was working at Al-Abbasiya military during Al-Sanadra incident time.
27th defending witness: Abdalla Omer Musa, 27 years, farmer and resident of Almasan village.
28th defending witness: Ismail Abdelgadir Salah, 26 years, herdsman, resident of Almasan village and he is a brother of the 9 th defendant/ Ahmed Abduelgadir Salah.
29th defending witness: Mrs. Zainab Almanzoul Ahmed, 26 years, housewife, resident of Almasan village and she is the wife of the 9 th defendant/ Ahmed Abdelgadir Salah.
30th defending witness: Ahmed Nasreldin Daoud, 25 years, trader, and resident of Al-Abbasiya town. The summary of testimonies from witnesses;
· The witnesses informed court that, on 2nd September 2016 the morning of the attack (Al-Sanadra incident), they were together with the defendants (given below) in Al-Abbasiya or their villages.

o Three testified in favour of Ahmed Abdelgadir Salah Mohammed (the 9 th defendant) o One testified in favour of; 4th defendant/ Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the 10th defendant/ Alzaki Saleh, 11th defendant/ Hamid Almanzol, 12th defendant/ Abakar Fadelmowla and 14th defendant/ Mohammed Nasreldin Daoud.
HUDO Centre
· None of the witnesses above was interrogated or delivered his/ her testimony to the investigator. They were recently requested by the defendants’ relatives to appear in court at this stage of the case.
· The 26th defending witness/ SAF officer declared that:

o Some of the injured and dead people were members in SPLA-N
o The dead bodies were buried after three days because their relatives and some politicians rejected the burial unless the perpetrators were arrested. Both panels had closed their files and the judge announced two court sessions for their last submissions.

The accusing panel was scheduled to submit on 24th July 2018 and the defending panel on 2nd August 2018.

Observation Note:
· The judge was replaced suddenly with a new one who had adjudicated the last two sessions.
· The prosecutor was respectively absent in ten (10) court sessions.

Recommendations/ Appeals HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
v The Sudan court to conduct the trial fairly
v The activists, defenders and supporters to keep on attending court sessions
v The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions
v The Sudan and international media to give full coverage for the court

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