HUDO Centre
26th August 2018
Update (24)

Two court sessions were held on 24th July 2018 and 9th August 2018 at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Murshid Ahmed Elamein. In the two court sessions, lawyers’ panels had to make their last submissions. The judge announced that he will deliver his verdict in the next court session on 12th September 2018. Summary of the court sessions The panel of lawyers from the accusing side made their last submission during the court session of 24th July 2018. During the same court session, the defendant’s lawyers requested the justice to give them more time to prepare their last submission. Their request was granted and the justice postponed the scheduled session from 2nd August 2018 to 9th August 2018. The submission was made on 9th August 2018 and thereafter, the justice announced that in the next court session on12th September 2018 he will deliver the verdict. Observation Notes/ supplementary Issue: In a related matter, one of the escapee defendants named Babikir Nematalla (whose nickname is Alkeir) was caught in November 2017 at Al-Abbasiya checkpoint and confined at Rashad prison. He was recently on 7th August 2018 taken to court in Al-Abbasiya town and his trial is separate.
Recommendations/ Appeals HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
· The Sudan court to conduct the trial fairly
· The activists, defenders and supporters to keep on attending court sessions
·The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions
· The Sudan and international media to give full coverage for the court

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