HUDO Centre 22nd October 2018 Update (25) COURT TRIAL OF AL-SANADRA CASE
Two court sessions were held at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Murshid Ahmed Elamein. The first session was on 12th September 2018 and the second one on 3rd October 2018. In the first session, the judge gave reasons for conviction and in the second session, he was meant to hear the opinion from the relatives of the deceased. But he adjourned court to 24th October 2018. Summary of the court sessions In the court session of 12th September 2018, the following were present; two panels of lawyers, victims’ relatives and the defendants. Although the 6th and 9th defendantswere absent. The judgefound
A. The following defendants found innocent as the evidence against them was not strong enough and they were set free; The 1st defendant/ Hassan Ismail, 3rd defendant/ Saied Abdalla, 7th defendant/ Osman Mohammed and 9th defendant/ Ahmed Abdelgadir.
B. The rest of the defendants were found to be guilty in breaching the Sudan criminal panel of 1991 articles;
              I. Article 21 : Join acts in execution of criminal conspiracy
             II. Article 130 : Murder
            III. Article 139 : Penalty for causing intentional wounds

At the end of the session, the justice announced that the next session will be on 3rd October 2018 in order to hear the opinion of the deceased’s relatives (according to Sudan law). The session of 3rd October 2018 was held but, the accusing panel requested for more time and it was granted by the justice. The session was subsequently adjourned to 24th October 2018.

Recommendations/ Appeals HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
v The Sudan court to conduct the trial fairly
v The activists, defenders and supporters to keep on attending court sessions
v The diplomatic missions and embassies to observe the court sessions
v The Sudan and international media to give full coverage for the court

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