HUDO Centre 1
31st December 2018
                                                                                                           PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                         DEMONSTRATIONS IN BLUE NILE STATE OF SUDAN

On 13th , 16th and 23rd December 2018, there was a peaceful demonstration in Damazin and Roseries towns of Blue Nile State where people were demanding for their basic rights. Many people were detained and some were taken before court for trial. On 13th December 2018, there was a peaceful demonstration mainly composed of schools students in Damazin. This resulted in the arrest of many students by police and NISS. The arrested students were later released (late hours) after a meeting between the state security authorities and headmasters of the schools at the state ministry of education. During the meeting, the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) warned and intimidate the senior teachers not to allow students to demonstrate. On 16th December 2018, there was another demonstration led by students. The police and NISS used teargas to disperse them and many were arrested among them underage as shown in appendix list. Some of them were sent to court for breach of Article-77 (Public nuisance) of Sudan Criminal Penal 1991. However, the case was dismissed by court for lack of evidence but, the arrested students were forced by court to sign a document promising not to participate in demonstrations again. On 23rd December 2018, residents of Ganees Sharq/ East in the neighborhood of Roseries conducted a peaceful demonstration but NISS together with police used teargas and fired live ammunitions in the air to disperse them. Since then, there is heavy deployment from NISS, police and SAF. Blue Nile University and schools are closed. Since the second week of December 2018, demonstrations have been going on in many towns of Sudan where people are demanding for their basic rights and complaining about the high cost of living caused by the current economic crisis that triggered the scarcity of bread, fuel and money. HUDO is very concerned about the excessive force used by government soldiers on un-armed peaceful demonstrators. And we call upon Sudan government at both central and state levels;
· To safeguard the demonstrators/ civilians and to respect the citizens’ constitutional rights of assembling and expression of their opinion.
· To act responsibly towards citizens and to hear their demands.
· To apprehend the soldiers who used the excessive power/force

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HUDO Centre 2 Appendix
Some of detainees’ names that HUDO managed to get
1. Bushra Elnour Yasin, 22 years, student.
2. Mohammed Ali Ismail, 18 years, student
3. Mohammed Adam Mohammed, 19 years, student.
4. Elsadiq Saeed Elias, 17 years, student
5. Isam Aseel, 19 years, student.
6. Khamees James, 20 years student
7. Abdalla Younis Abdalla, 18 years, student
8. Jamal Adam Abakar, 17 years, student.
9. Nabeel Ibrahim Suliman, 17 years, student.
10. Ahmed Awad Issa, 14 years, student.
11.Hassan Yahya Ali, 18 years student.
12. Suliman Mukhtar, 23 years, self-employed
13. Mohammed Abduelrahman, 18 years, student
14. Bahar Bakheit, 14 years, student
15. Abdu Yousif, 19 years, student.
16. Mujahid Hassan, 15 years, student.
17. Abdu Adam, 14 years, student.
18. Abduelbagi Ibrahim, 17 years, student.
19. Ali Ismail Elbelail, 19 years student

Note: the upper six in the list were tried and released after signing document/ pledge. Others detained from their work place in Damazin and released later
1) Ismail Ahmed Ismail, 56 years, trader, he was arrested by Military Intelligence (MI) on 15th December 2018
2) Three medical doctors (Dr. Sadiq Ahmed Elmueez, Dr. Gosaey Eltayeeb and Dr. Mohammed Elsir) were arrested by NISS on 19th December 2018 and released the same day.