No. H.K/PR/12/019
7th February 2019
                                                     UPDATE (2) ON THE ARRESTED PEOPLE OF ALTARTAR AND DILLING, SUDAN
On 3rd February 2019, NISS in Kadogli opened a case against Altartar detainees and transferred them to police custody while NISS in Dilling released the six detainees with conditions. On 3rd February 2019, National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in Kadogli has opened a case against Babikir Ahmed Eltegani, Loai Mohammed, Ali Ahmed, Ibrahim Elhaj, Babikir Ahmed Omer, Fadelalla Elneuairi, Nadir Jabir, Ahmed Elkarar, Ahmed Adam, Ahmed Radi, Bashir Yasin and Mohammed Ahmed under articles (67- pubic tranquility riot, 69- Disturbance of public peace and 182- Criminal damage mischief) of Sudan Criminal penal 1991.The detainees were later transferred to police custody in Kadogli where they are up to date. The prosecutor informed their families that, detainees can be released on bail after paying a specific amount which is fifteen million Sudanese pound (approximately = two hundred fifty thousand USD) subject to the case. The twelve detainees were arrested by NISS on 3rd January 2019 from Altartar town (H.K/UA/01/019) and brought to Kadogli on the same day. Also, on 3rd February 2019 evening, NISS in Dilling released Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed Belal, Mohammed Edris, Abdalla Mergani, Elzain Mohammed and Saif-Eldin Elhasab after forcing each of them to sign a pledge not to participate in any demonstrations. NISS also imposed a travel ban on them whereby they have got to inform NISS in case one intends to travel out of South Kordufan state. The six were arrested by NISS in Dilling on 22nd January 2019 (H.K/UA/05/019). HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians during this current condition of demonstrations and calls upon;
· Lawyers bar associations in Sudan to give support for Altartar detainees’ case.
· Sudan government to respect the freedom of expression and assembly.
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations on rights.
· NISS in Kadogli and Dilling to stop intimidating citizens.

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