HUDO Centre 1 No. H.K/PR/28/019
8thOctober 2019
        UPDATE (3) ON POTENTIAL CONFRONTATION BETWEEN TALODI RESIDENTS ON A SIT-IN DEMONSTRATION AND RSF                                                                                                                     SOLDIERS IN SUDAN

On 7th October 2019, armed Rapid Support Force (RSF) soldiers came on twenty seven vehicles and invaded Talodi gold mines. They arrested, looted and assaulted people, before being forced by Talodi residents and military to release the arrested people and bring back the looted items. They were forced to leave the town. On the morning of 7th October 2019, more than two hundred (200) armed RSF soldiers came on twenty seven (27) vehicles and invaded Altugula and Al-Laffa gold mines of Talodi. They beat up people randomly (men and women), looted four (4) motorbikes, smart phones and money. They also arrested more than ten civilians and detained them in an iron container. These RSF soldiers came from out of South Kordufan State. Soon after the attack, Talodi residents organized a demonstration march up to Talodi military headquarter where they sat as they sought for the military intervention to stop the actions of RSF and protection of civilians. On 8th October 2019, the military commandant in Talodi formed a committee composed of military soldiers and representatives from the protesters to visit and investigate the invaded gold mines. Later on the same day, the commandant ordered the release of detainees and the payback of the looted items. Thereafter, the RSF troop/soldiers left the town. The names of people who were detained are; Elsadiq Hamdan, Badawi Mahadi Mursal, Sabir Jamaa, Musa Osman, Sadam Mohammed, Mohammed M. Nour, Banat Hanu, Yousif Elnaw, Zakaria Hamdan, Hussein Kuku, Enaei Saeed, Saad Mohammed, Elgeili Elhaj and Abduelmajeed Mohammed. Others who were injured and their items were looted are: Farah Ramadan, Eltahir Musfafa, Amir Ismail, Ms. Rugaya Yagoup, Ms. Hanan Ibrahim, Ms. Ekram Mustafa, Eltouma, hemaidan Alawi and Gasim Abduelkareim (who was stabbed). This incident happened after one month ended on 3rd October 2019 of sit in demonstrations by residents at Talodi locality protesting against the use of cyanide at the gold mines. By ending the sit-in on 3rd October, the demonstrators had organized a march to the gold mines where the guards of the factories shot bullets at them which resulted in six injuries. The three of the injured were transferred to Khartoum and their names are: HUDO Centre :
1. Sharafeldin Fadul Gouja, injured by gunshots in both knees and right foot.
2. Ahmed Mohamed, two gunshots in his right leg which was later amputated in hospital on 7th October 2019.
3. Ahmed Abu-Kalam, two gunshots in his left leg. He is supposed to undergo a surgical operation. The excessive use of force by factory guards pushed some residents into violent response and as a result, some gold mine factories were burnt down. HUDO calls upon;
· Sudan government to seriously consider the community’s concerns and demands and should act urgently.
· Sudan government should ensure the safety of people exercising their rights of expression
· Sudan government to hold to account RSF commanders and soldiers who intimidated the public.
· The civil society organizations, media and lawyers in Sudan to support the residents’ concerns and give coverage.

End To read the UA about this case, please visit: https://wp.me/p6WXCc-It For further information please write to hudo2009@gmail.com