No. H.K/PR/31/019
28th October 2019
                                                                                                             PRESS STATEMENT
                                                       RSF POLLUTED SLUICEWAY/ CHANNEL WITH CYANIDE IN TALODI, SUDAN

On 20th October 2019, Rapid Support Force (RSF) in Altugula gold mine of Talodi polluted some water canals with the prohibited cyanide. They did this before their departure from the area. As a result, a donkey and a cow died because of drinking the polluted water. On 17th October 2019, RSF soldiers came on more than ten vehicles to Altugula gold mine, that they had sniper guns, other machine guns were mounted on vehicles, and their faces were covered with masks as they harassed people in the gold mine and attempted to arrest some of the youth. While this RSF troop was quitting the area on 20th October 2019, they deliberately poured cyanide in some water cannels/ drain. Some members of Talodi Youth Association for Development (TYAD) got to know about this incident and they visited the site/scene immediately. They found one donkey and cow dead minutes after drinking from the contaminated water. Thereafter, the TYAP members alerted/warned the community/people about the incident which reduced the spread of the expected damage. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Sudan government to hold to account RSF commanders and soldiers who had intentionally polluted the water channels.
· Sudan government should ensure and protect the safety of people
· Sudan government to stop the RSF assaults.
· Sudan government to urgently and seriously consider the community’s demands and rights.