No. H.K/UA/20/019
3rd November 2019

On 25th October 2019, SAF at Singa Nabak village unlawfully confiscated a commercial vehicle belonging to Mr. Muntasir Ali. His vehicle was impounded because he had earlier reported the assault case against one of the soldiers who had assaulted him. To date, the vehicle is still at the military base and he’s intimidated to withdraw the suit. Mr. Muntasir Ali Abdalla Ramadan, 43 years old is a driver and owner of the reported vehicle. Sinja Nabak village is located 45 km south Damazin town. This village has a checkpoint located near the bridge which is manned by Sudan Armed Force (SAF) commanded by lieutenant colonel named Elhaj Abduelwahab and he is the one who conducted the illegal act. In July 2019, Mr. Muntasir was driving his vehicle with passengers near Sinja Nabak bridge where he was stopped by a drunk armed soldier. The drunk soldier ordered Mr. Muntasir to take him to Damazin. Mr. Munasir rejected the order, reasoned that there was no space left in the vehicle and the fact that other passengers may be threatened by the presence of armed drunk soldier. The soldier immediately started assaulting/ beating the driver/ Muntasir. Thereafter, the driver managed to reach at Damazin town where he reported (filed a case) the assault incident by soldier to police. Since then, the soldier disappeared until Mid-October 2019 when police managed to arrest him. On 25th October 2019, while Mr. Muntasir was driving through Sinja Nabak, the SAF commandant Elhaj stopped him and ordered him to park the vehicle informing him that, his vehicle will not be released unless he withdraws the case against the soldier. Muntasir was subsequently detained up to midnight. The scheduled date for court appearance is 6th Nov 2019 in which Muntasir clings to his legal rights. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict states and calls upon;

·       Sudan government to immediately take action against Sinja Nabak’s commandant, release the vehicle and compensate the driver.

·       Sudan government to secure the rule of law and rights of civilians in conflict areas.

·       Sudan government to end the state of emergency which allowed the armed forces to act at their will.

·       Sudan government to respect its international obligations towards their citizens. 2 More information Sinja Nabak village is administratively governed under Geisan locality of Blue Nile State. The mentioned vehicle is Toyota Hillux (reg. No. NZ4 – 987) licensed for twelve passengers, and it used to transport passengers between Damazin and Madinah-11. In conflict areas there are many checkpoints conducted under security concerns in which SAF soldiers and other government militias intimidate people especially drivers. Sometimes they are threatened with arrests or arrested under false accusations of being affiliated to the armed groups.