No. H.K/PR/38/019
29th December 2019
                                         UPDATE (2) ON SAF UNLAWFULLYIMPOUNDS A VEHICLE IN BLUE NILE, SUDAN

On 22nd December 2019, the court of appeal in Damazin upheld/ maintained the verdict of the lower court which was made on 17th November 2019 between Mr. Muntasir and the Sudan Armed Force (SAF) soldier. But the position of the confiscated vehicle is still unclear. On 25th October 2019, SAF at Singa Nabak village unlawfully confiscated a commercial vehicle belonging to Mr. Muntasir Ali. His vehicle was impounded because he had earlier reported the assault case against one of the soldiers who had assaulted him. On 17thNovember 2019, the judge of Damazin court found this to be an assault case and ruled that the soldier should pay two thousand SDG (approximately 30 USD) as compensation. But, Mr. Muntasir appealed to the higher court (Appeal Court). On 22nd December 2019, the Appeal Court of Damazin upheld the verdict. But, Muntasir’s vehicle is still held at the military base as he struggles to file a case with police about it. A reliable source in Blue Nile informed HUDO that, the former regime members are still active in Blue Nile State government and the judicial system as well as the security agencies support each other. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict states and calls upon;
· The defense minister should immediately take action against the Blue Nile State commandant to release Mr. Muntasir’s vehicle and compensate him fairly.
·The minister of justice to ensure that there is rule of law and protection of rights of civilians in conflict areas.
· Sudan government to end the state of emergency which allowed the armed forces to act on their will.
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations towards their citizens.

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