No. H.K/PR/40/019
31st December 2019
                                                                                                                PRESS RELEASE
                                                      THE ACCUSED FUGITIVE IN AL-SANADRA CASE IS ON TRIAL IN KHARTOUM

Al-Sanadra case was concluded and the verdict was made. But, there were three fugitives that were later arrested and their trial is going on parallel. Two of the accused are tried in Al[1]Abbasiya and one is tried in Khartoum. Therefore, this report is about the trial in Khartoum. Four court sessions had been held at Khartoum North court before Justice/ Osama Hassan on 28th August, 29th September, 30th September and 30th October 2019. In these sessions the judge heard the investigator and cross-examined the witnesses:
· The accused fugitive who is present at the court, he is the ninth defendant in Al-Sanadra case named Abduelraheem Abdelgadir Salah Mohammed, 23 years old and student.
· The investigator read the investigation notes before the Justice and read accusations by the prosecutor in Sudan Criminal code 1991: o Article (21):Joint acts in execution of criminal conspiracy o Article (24): Criminal Conspiracy o Article (130): Murder o Article (139): Penalty for causing intentional wounds o Article (182): Criminal Mischief
· The judge and the two panels of lawyers heard and examined the witnesses
      § Three accusation witnesses (Elgaily Adam Alawad, Ahmed Adam Abduelatif and Nourein Adam            Mohammed Nourein.
      § Only one defense witness (Gaidoum Maalli Daifalla) yet, the defendant’s lawyer had been given four chances to bring witnesses but he failed.
· The justice recognized the accusation articles given by the prosecutor. Justice/ Osama Hassan adjourned court to 10th January 2020 when the panel of lawyers will submit their arguments/ pleadings. He further informed court that he will read his judgment/ verdict on 16th January 2020.

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