1 No. H.K/PS/01/020
6th January 2020
                                                                                                            PRESS STATEMENT
                                                   THE FUGITIVE IN AL-SANADRA CASE IS ON TRIAL AT Al-ABBASIYA, SUDAN

Al-Sanadra case was concluded and the verdict was made. But, two fugitives who were later arrested have been on trial. One of them is tried in AlAbbasiya and one is tried in Khartoum. Therefore, this report is about the trial in Al-Abbasiya. Twenty four (24) court sessions were held between 28th January 2019 and 4th November 2019. Justice/ Abduelelah Fadul Jad-Elseid delivered his verdict (judgment) on 4 th November 2019 at Al-Abbasiya town court of South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains. The lawyer of the complainants (the accusers) is Mr. Omer Daifalla and the defendants’ lawyer is Mr. Elsagadei. Brief about what transpired in court:
· The accused fugitive was present at the court and his name is Babikir Nematalla Babikir
· On 23rd April 2019, the accuser Ms. Manal Abdalla Suliman (who lost her father) was crossexamined.
· On 1st May 2019, the investigating officer Mr. Wael Abdalla was cross examined.
· During the court sessions of 13th and 27th May 2019, three accusing witnesses gave their testimony. Their names are; Babikir Abdalla Babikir, Yousif Adam Abduelghani and Mahmoud Ismail Abduelrahman. · On 26th August 2019, the defendant was cross examined. The court accused him of breaching articles 26 (assisting/conspiracy) and 130 (murder) of Sudan Criminal Code 1991:
· On 16th September 2019, three defense witnesses were examined (all of them are relatives of the defendant). Their names are: Beraima Nematalla Babikir (brother), Abduelraheem Babikir Nematalla (son) and Tariq Babikir Nematalla (son).
· On 14th October 2019, the two lawyers submitted their arguments/ pleadings to the court.
· On 4th November 2019, the judge (Justice/ Abduelelah Fadul Jad-Elseid) delivered his judgment/ verdict where he found the defendant guilty under articles 26 and 130 read jointly with article (25/2/B) of Sudan Criminal Code 1991 and sentenced him to seven (7) years in prison. Both lawyers of the defendant and complainants appealed to the Court of Appeal, in which they are waiting the decision. Correction Note: the third one is not arrested yet.

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