No. H.K/UA/01/020
20th January 2020

                                                    URGENT APPEAL THREE CHURCHES SET ON FIRE TWICE IN SUDAN
Three churches were deliberately burnt down at the same time first on 28th December 2019 and on 16th January 2020 after rebuilding them (ruins). The two incidents happened in Bout of Blue Nile State by unknown persons (arsonists). The two cases were reported at Bout police office against anonymous. On the evening of 28th December 2019, three churches in three different neighborhoods (10, 11 and 12) of Bout town were set on fire (burnt) at the same time by arsonists. The church members (worshipers) reported the case/incident at Bout police office against anonymous but police did not investigate further or put preventive measures. The members of the church managed to rebuild the three churches using the local materials as it was before. For a second time, on 16th January 2020 (evening hours), the arsonists burnt down the three churches. Another case was filed against anonymous at Bout police and no further step was taken. HUDO is very concerned about the rights of worship and calls upon;
· Sudan government to take urgent action in safeguarding the constitutional rights of the affected citizens.
· Ministry of interior affair in Sudan to immediately take action and hold Bout police to account for the burning of churches twice in less than one month time without taking the necessary measures.
· Ministry of endowment and guidance, and ministry of Justice in Sudan to take the necessary action in protecting the right of worship for the affected citizens.
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations towards their citizens.

HUDO Centre More information
Bout is a small town in Sudan and it borders with South Sudan. It is the capital of Tadamoun locality of Blue Nile State. Bout is inhabited by different tribes among them Uduk and Maban that significant number among them are Christians. The three burnt churches are; Sudan Internal Church, Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church The affected rights: Religion and Worship
· Articles 43 and 56 in Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles 6 and 38 in Sudan constitution 2005
· Article 18 Human Rights Universal Declaration