No. H.K/UA/03/020
31st January 2020

                                                 URGENT APPEAL MURDER OF MR. EALIAN IN KHOR-ELDELEIB, SUDAN
On 29th January 2020, Mr. Ealian Abdalla was killed for unknown reason by two unidentified armed men at Khor-Eldeleib. The assailants had masks on their faces and they were riding a motorbike. The murder case was reported at Khor-Eldeleib police post against anonymous. On 29th January 2020, both Mr. Ealian and his bother Mr. Mohammed were traveling (walking) from Khor-Eldeleib (after attending the weekly market) to their village (Ambeir), two armed and masked men riding a motorbike passed by them, then shot at them. Mr. Ealian died instantly but Mr. Mohammed survived with no injuries. Mr. Ealian’s dead body was taken to Khor-Eldeleib where it was buried and a case was reported at the police post. An activist from the area informed HUDO that, he believes that the People Defense Force (PDF) soldiers are responsible for the insecurity in the region especially after their members had been sentenced to death by court in Al-Sanadra case. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Sudan government at state and central level to urgently investigate the state of insecurity in South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains and to solve it urgently.
· Sudan government to ensure that police executes their duties responsibly.
· Sudan government to ensure the safety of people in conflict areas
· Sudan government to dissolve the PDF and disarm them.
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations towards their citizens. HUDO Centre More information Mr. Ealian Abdalla Jaragandi was a 58 year old farmer and Mr. Mohammed Abdalla Jaragandi (46 years old) was also a farmer. Khor-Eldeleib and Ambeir both are in Abu-Kershola locality of South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains. Ambeir is in a distance of 7 km north Khor-Eldeleib. The state of insecurity is worsening in South Kordufan particularly in the east region where there are majority of People Defense Force (PDF) soldiers. Many unresolved killing incidents were reported, for instance;
§ On 22nd January 2020, Mr. Mohammed Abduelbagi was killed and his colleague Mr. Ali Kabashi was fatally injured by six masked armed men in Al-Abbasiya.
§ On 14th January 2020, Mr. Musa Jar-Elnabi was shot dead by three masked men in Elfaid Um-Abdalla § On 4th December 2019, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Eltahir was shot dead by PDF soldiers in Shaq-Elkitir of Umbrembeta
§ On 21stNovember 2019, Mr. Mohammed Eissa was shot dead and Mr. Mohammed Osman was injured by six armed PDF soldiers in Abu-Kershola In all, police filed the cases against anonymous and no further investigations were taken. The Human Rights violated/abused: Right to life
· Articles (44) in Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (28) in Sudan constitution 2005
· Article (3) of Human Rights Universal Declaration In collective rights, the right to peace and security was violated/ abused.