No. H.K/UA/12/020
30th November 2020

On 22nd November 2020, travelers were robbed under gun point by four armed people dressed in RSF uniform. Many other cases of attempted robbery incidents were reported around Talodi. All cases were reported to police but no further step has been taken. On 22nd November 2020, more than twenty passengers on a commercial vehicle travelling from Abu-Jibaiha to Talodi were robbed of their money and smart phones under gun point at a place called Gardood Torro. They were robbed by four armed people dressing Rabid Support Force (RSF) uniform. Immediately, the victims reported the robbery case at Gardood Torro military intelligence (MI) office and filed the case at Talodi police office on 23rd November 2020 but no further investigation was carried out. One of the victims informed HUDO Centre that, the general suspicion is that Kalogi Military Intelligence (MI) is connected with the robbers given the fact that the soldiers inspect the passengers at Kalogi check point. In this vehicle there was a passenger with big amount of money in a bag and the robbers were not only taking money and phones from people’s pockets, but they also took three bags while asking where the money was. Fortunately, they missed the bag that contained money. Due to the lack of response from police, many more robbery attempts were committed along this road. For instance, on 24th November 2020 there were three attempts of armed robbery at the same place but the drivers drove away (they did not stop). On 25th November 2020, six (6) armed men shot at a commercial vehicle near El-Baida because the driver did not comply with their order to stop. This caused an injury to one of the passengers on his left leg. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in Conflict areas, call upon:
· Sudan government to urgently investigate and solve the continuous security issues in Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State.
· Sudan government to consider the community’s security and rights.
· Sudan government should ensure the safety and protection of people exercising their constitutional rights of movement.
· Sudan government to dissolve all militias and disarm them and the unlicensed weapons. HUDO Centre More information Among the victims are: Eisa Khayar Eisa, Showaib Abakar, Khalid Omer (teacher), Abduelsamad (magistrate) and Ms. Magda Murad. Talodi and Kalogi towns are in Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State and capitals of Talodi and Kalogi localities respectively. Kalogi town is in approximately 50 km East of Talodi town and the single road from Talodi passes through it to Abu-Jibaiha and to the rest of Sudan. Gardood Turro is an area full of forest between Talodi and Kalogi in a distant of less than twenty km from Kalogi. El-Baida is Talodi agricultural schemes area neighboring Gardood Torro The affected rights: Right to life and personal security as well as rights of movement and settlement
· Article (44)& (60) Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (6)& (12) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights read with article (3) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights