No. H.K/UA/13/020
9th December 2020

                                                        URGENT APPEAL ARREST OF TRAVELLERS BY SAF IN AL-ABBASIYA, SUDAN
On 6th December 2020, SAF/MI in Al-Abbasiya arrested more than twenty travelers including women and children. The truck which they were travelling in was also packed/ retained. The reason for the arrest was not given. Women and children were released the following day (7th December) but the males are still under detention. On 6th December 2020, more than twenty passengers traveling on a truck from Haiban to Khartoum were blocked by Sudan Armed Force/ Military Intelligence at Al-Abbasiya town and forced to drive to the military base in town. All passengers were detained and their truck was packed at the military base. On the evening of 7th December 2020, the women and children were released after spending a night in a cell. The men stayed under detention with little amount of food and poor conditions. The reason behind their arrest is unknown and no case against them was filed. The detained people are: Kuku Abdalla, Rashid Younis Osman, Steven Adam Ajaweed, Elsir Adam Ajaweed, William Musa Ajaweed and Mamoun Abdalla Elamein. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas. HUDO calls upon:
· The military authority in Al-Abbasiya to immediately release or to transfer them to the courts of law if there is a case against them.
· Sudan government to hold to account SAF commandant in Al-Abbasiya for this arrest.
· Sudan government to end the state of emergency in conflict areas which enabled MI to arrest civilians at will.
· Sudan government to respect the constitutional rights of citizens
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations. HUDO Centre More information All the detainees from Nuba ethnicity (Teera tribe) and most of them are relatives with their families. Haiban and Al-Abbasiya are towns in Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State. The SAF/MI in Nuba Mountains after ouster of former president (Bashir) still acting as same as arresting civilians, intimidating and harass them. For instance;
· On 3rd December 2020, twelve (12) civilians including an underage were arrested by SAF and RSF soldiers in AlAbbasiya. They were arrested for participating in a public address gathering at Gambaraya village talking about peace process. They were intimidated before being released on 5th December 2020.
· On 23rd September 2020, SAF in Abu-Jibaiha arrested thirty one (31) people from a public demonstration and released them later due to public pressure.
· On 12th February 2020, the military intelligence (MI) in Rashad arrested Mr. Suliman Adam Suliman. The arrest was based on allegations that Mr. Suliman is a member of SPLM. He was detained for the whole day and released in the evening.
· On 11th April 2020, Mr. Elsafi Eldegain was arrested by SAF soldiers from Aleri Ghareib town and the following day, he was taken to Talodi town. He had more than three months in detention. The affected rights: Personal Freedom + Freedom of Movement and residency
· Articles 46 & 60 of Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles 9 & 12 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights