HUDO Centre No.: H.K/PS/47/020
9th December 2020
                                                                                                            PRESS STATEMENT
                                                         CIVILIANS DETAINED FOR TWO DAYS BY SAF IN AL-ABBASIYA, SUDAN

On 3rd Dec 2020, twelve (12) civilians including an underage were arrested by SAF and RSF soldiers in Al-Abbasiya of Nuba Mountains. They were arrested for participating in a public address gathering at Gambaraya village talking about peace process. They were intimidated before being released on 5 th Dec 2020. On 3 rdDec 2020, Peace Activist Group (PAG) organized a public address in Gambaraya village where they were talking about peace process. Suddenly, a group of armed soldiers some dressed in Sudan armed force (SAF) uniform and others in Rapid Support Force (RSF) uniform raided the gathering. The soldiers came on eleven vehicles mounted with machine guns, they shot bullets in the air, arrested twelve people including an underage and took them to Al-Abbasiya military base where they had been confined for two days. During detention, they were intimidated and verbally insulted by calling them “NYAKAT” (it is a local word used by those in authority against Nuba people referring to them as rebels). They were also interrogated on accusations of being affiliated to SPLM-N. They were released on 5th Dec 2020 after being threatened and warned not to organize or participate in such gatherings anymore. Otherwise, they will be arrested and tortured. The names of the arrested people are: Ammar Mohammed Ismail, Mohammed Awad Bakheit, Abduelmotaleib Mohamed Ismail (16 years old), Mohammed Mahmoud Mustafa, Mohammed Ibrahim Taha, Abduelbagi Omer Adam, Abdalla Elaraki Hassan, Hassan Omer Mohammed, Abdalla Mohammed Jumaa, Fateh-Elrahman Osman Mohammed, Omer Mohammed Khair-Alla, and Mohammed Abduelraheem Mohammed Kamtur. Gambaraya village is 3 km South of Al-Abbasiya town in Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Sudan government to hold to account the SAF commandant in Al-Abbasiya for the arrest of those civilians.
· Sudan government to preserve and protect the civilians’ rights.
· Sudan government to stop security forces and militias from violating the rights of citizens especially in conflict areas.
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations.

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