Arrest of travellers by SAF in Al Abbasiya Update

HUDO Centre No. H.K/PS/01/021
5th January 2021
                                                         UPDATE ON ARREST OF TRAVELLERS BY SAF IN AL-ABBASIYA, SUDAN

On 12thDecember 2020, SAF/ MI in Al-Abbasiya released the remaining male detainees and their truck (vehicle). The detainees had already spent one week in custody where they were interrogated and warned. On 12th December 2020, Sudan Armed Force/ Military Intelligence in Al-Abbasiya released the detained people: Kuku Abdalla, Rashid Younis Osman, Steven Adam Ajaweed, Elsir Adam Ajaweed, William Musa Ajaweed and Mamoun Abdalla Elamein together with their truck. They were released after one week in custody (in poor conditions and daily intimidation).There was no case preferred against them. They were interrogated and warned not to go back to their home town (Haiban). The interrogation was about SAF suspecting them to be affiliated to SPLA-N. Background: On 6 th December 2020, (SAF/MI) more than twenty passengers traveling on a truck from Haiban to Khartoum were arrested by Sudan Armed Force/ Military Intelligence at Al-Abbasiya town and their truck was packed at the military base. On the evening of 7 th December 2020, the women and children were released after spending a night in a cell. The men stayed under detention with little amount of food and poor conditions up to their release. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Sudan government to hold to account SAF commandant in Al-Abbasiya for this arrest.
· Sudan government to end the state of emergency in conflict areas which enabled MI to arrest civilians at will.
· Sudan government to respect the constitutional rights of citizens
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations.

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