UA Societal discrimination

No. H.K/UA/02/021
10th January 2021

On 3rd January 2021 morning hours, authorities in South Kordufan conducted a biased/partial and discriminative inspection in Hagar Almac neighbourhood undermining the announcement made to the general public. They deliberately neglected the suspected areas and exhibited partiality in the inspection exercise. On 3 rd January 2021 (From 03:00 AM to 12:00PM), many armed soldiers of Sudan Armed Force (SAF), Police and Rapid Support Force (RSF) accompanied by a prosecutor conducted a selective inspection exercise in Hajar Almac area specifically in square 1 and 2. The inspection process was not conducted according to the public announcement made by the military personnel using load speakers. According to the announcement, the inspection was to take place in both Hajar Almac and Algardood neighbourhoods of Kadogli town. But, the inspection was only carried out in HajarAlmac’s square 1 and square 2 and it was only done on selected ethnicity houses. During the search/inspection, soldiers confiscated some commodities/items from houses. On that same day (evening), the state governor appeared in an official video produced by the state television (TV) appreciating the inspection exercise. According to three eyewitnesses, while the inspection was going on in square 1 and 2, some residents of square 3 and 4 were moving items away from their homes. When people alerted the inspection team/ troop, they responded thus”we have clear orders not to go far from square 1 and 2”.One of the lawyers from Kadogli informed HUDO that, “the inspection was very disappointing; police had no case filed against the confiscated items. They alleged to have found firearms yet no one was arrested for that offence if it’s so. Now one week has passed without resuming the inspection for the rest of the announced areas which portrays negative intentions. We believe the security status will remain unaddressed”. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon:
· The prime minister of Sudan (central government) to question the governor of South Kordufan state for acting in a discriminatory manner.
· Sudan government to safeguard the rule of law.
· Sudan government to recover the confiscated commodities and compensate the affected people
· Sudan government to respect the constitutional rights of citizens. HUDO Centre More information Kadogli is the capital city of South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains where the state government is based. Hajar Almac and Algardood are neighbourhoods in Kadogli. Hajar Almac is composed of four squares (from 1 up to 4). Square 1 & 2 are generally occupied by Nuba ethnicity (farmers/cultivators) while 3 & 4 are mostly occupied by Arab ethnicity (nomads/ cattle keepers) of whom some are members of the RSF and PDF as many of reported incidents were approved to be committed by their members and mostly the framers were victims. The inspection campaign was a reaction by the state government to the earlier demonstration march organized by Kadogli’s residents on 27 December 2020. The residents demonstrated while complaining about the state of insecurity demanding for safety and they delivered a message to the state government. The confiscated items mostly fuel in small amounts (4 litres and 18 litres containers) and other personal items like solar panel. The affected rights: rule of law and ownership of property
· Articles (48 & 61) read with article (43) Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (4 & 26) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights read with articles (7 & 17) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights