Attempt of armed robbery incident in NB

No. H.K/PS/07/021
09 February 2021
                                                                                                           PRESS STATEMENT
                                               DRIVER INJURED IN ARMED ROBBERY ATTEMPT AT NUBA MOUNTAINS, SUDAN

On 7th February 2021, Mr. Fatah-Elrahman Hadyatalla Munzzal (driver) was shot at and injured by three armed people along the road in Nuba Mountains. His passengers assisted and managed to drive away up to Elhemaid where they reported the case to police but the police did not follow up. On 7th February 2021, Mr. Fatah-Elrahman Hadyatalla Munzzal was driving a commercial vehicle carrying fourteen (14) passengers from Abu-Jibaiha to Talodi. At a point near Elhemaid, he was obstructed by three armed people in civilian clothes. The driver did not stop, instead, he drove faster but the three assailants shot bullets towards the driver and injured (cut off) his right thumb finger. One of the passengers assisted him to drive the vehicle up to Elhemaid village checkpoint where the case was reported. On the same day, the driver was taken to Abu-Jibaiha hospital and again a case was reported against anonymous at Abu-Jibaiha police. The same day (evening), the driver was taken to Elobeid hospital for further treatment. Up to date police did not carry out basic investigations. Abu-Jibaiha and Talodi are towns in the eastern region of Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State (SK). Elhemaid is about 30 KM South of Abu-Jibaiha and it witnessed a tribal conflict since last year. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians and calls upon;
· Sudan government to ensure the safety of people and the freedom to exercise their constitutional rights.
· Sudan government to hold to account police in SK for not executing their duties.

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