Armed robbery incident near Umbrembeta

1 No. H.K/PS/08/021
10 February 2021
                                                                                                             PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                    ARMED ROBBERY INCIDENT NEAR UMBREMBETA, SUDAN

On 7th February 2021, seven armed people riding motorbikes assaulted and robbed passengers who were traveling on a commercial vehicle. This happened near Umbrembeta town and the case was reported at Umbrembeta police office but there was no follow up. On 7th February 2021, a commercial vehicle (Land-cruiser) with passengers was driven by Mr. Yassir Badawi Jumma (26 years old) and traveling between El Rahad and Umbrembeta town. The vehicle was obstructed by seven (7) armed people using motorbikes at a point closer to Redeina village. The assailants forcefully took all the money from the driver and passengers on gunpoint while whipping (assaulting) them. They also shot bullets on one tyre and left them there. The driver and passengers managed to reach Umbrembeta town using the reserve (spare) tyre. They reported the case at Umbrembeta police office but, police did not take any action to apprehend robbers or investigate. Umbrembeta town and Redeina village are located in the Eastern region of Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State (SK). Redeina is north Umbrembeta in a distance of 15 km. El Rahad is a town in North Kordufan State and it’s about 90 km North of Umbrembeta. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians and calls upon;
· Sudan government to ensure the safety of people and the freedom to exercise their constitutional rights.
· Sudan government to hold to account police in SK for not executing their duties.
· Sudan government to dissolve militias and disarm people with unlicensed firearms.

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