Death and injuries in tribal conflict Update

No. H.K/UA/10/021
20th June 2021


On 17th June 2021, the conflict spread out from Kologi to the gold mines. PDF and RSF soldiers looted the gold mines markets and robbed traveling trucks/ vehicles. People in these areas are on tension because there is no government intervention. On 17th June 2021, about two hundred (200) armed people dressed in Popular Defense Force (PDF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF) uniforms invaded markets at Bajoun and Gardood Toro gold mines. They came on Land-cruiser vehicles and motorbikes (some vehicles with RSF number plates), looted the shops goods (loaded them on vehicles) and other valuable items including money and smart phones from civilians. The invaders also obstructed the road at Gardood Toro and looted goods from some trucks that were traveling from Abu-Jibaiha to Aleri. Eyewitnesses informed HUDO Centre that, they believe those are the same Dar Ali/ Hawazma members who had invaded Kologi town and they recognized some of them (the invaders) who had joined the group from Abu-Kershola, Umbrembeta, Elfaid Um-Abdalla and Elbugolti. An activist from Talodi commented that; these incidents started in Kologi and now due to lack of government intervention, it has spread to affect other two localities. Further delays may result in more chaos. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon:
· Sudan government to urgently solve the tribal conflict and the insecurity situation in Kologi.
· Sudan government to ensure the rule of law, safety of people and their properties.
· Sudan government to hold to account the security committee in South Kordufan State.
· Sudan government to dissolve the government militias and disarm people with unlicensed firearms. HUDO Centre More information Kologi is the main town of Gadier locality. Talodi is a capital city of Talodi locality about 60 km West Kologi. Aleri is capital of Aleri locality about 75 km southwest Kologi. Gardood Toro is a forested (bushy) area between Kologi and Talodi mainly occupied by nomads and there is a gold mine nearby named after it. Bajoun gold mine is about 20 km southeast Kologi and about 10 km from Gardood Toro gold mine. All these areas are in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. Since 10th June 2021, the security situation in Kologi deteriorated due to conflicts between Kawahla and Dar Ali/ Hawazma tribes that led to murders and injuries of people (one of the injured Mr. Elsheikh Abass had died on 18th June 2021 at Talodi hospital) and burning of houses. This happened when security organs were present but could not intervene. For more information, please visit the updated UA at: The affected rights:Right to life and safety;rule of law
· Articles (44 &48)Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (6& 26)International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights read with articles (3 &7) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights