UA Assault of ministry consultant

No. H.K/UA/13/021
11th July 2021

On 2nd July 2021, in Khartoum four armed people (with masks) assaulted and intimidated Mr. Boutros Badawi Ali Komi (the Christians’ consultant of religious and endowment minister). A case was filed against anonymous at Al-Salamma police office but no step was taken by officials. On 2 nd July 2021 midnight, Mr. Boutros Badawi Ali Komi (the Christian affairs consultant for the religious and endowment minister) was driving back home, when assailants obstructed his vehicle. Thereafter four armed, masked people pulled him out of his vehicle and started beating/ kicking him by the gun butts while insulting him. They also threatened to kill him and warned him not to touch those files he had opened through social media. According to the threats from the attackers, the cause of attack was articles published by the victim in his Facebook account when he supported the return/ restoration of the land and properties of the churches and Christian leaders which were confiscated by the previous regime. The victim (Mr. Komi) was taken later (same night) by his family and friends to Al-Atebaa/ Doctors private hospital where he received the medical care on their own expenses. Up to date, there has been no serious investigation held or government statement issued. No official visit was made by the officials from the ministry. However, he is constantly receiving intimidation messages via his WhatsApp account. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the security and psychological situation of Mr. Komi and calls upon:

· Sudan government to urgently investigate the case and make its result public.
· Sudan government to ensure the rule of law, safety of people and their properties.
· Sudan government to give more attention and response for Christians’ demands.
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations. HUDO Centre More information Mr. Boutros Badawi Ali Komi (31 years old), his profession is lawyer and since December 2019 he has been assigned as a consultant for religious affairs under the minister of religious and endowment. He is the single Christian at the said ministry though he does not have an executive role. During the former regime of Al Bashir, the ministry of religious and endowment had a department for Christian affairs managed by Muslims and headed by National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) officer. They could forcibly appoint their allies Christian leaders (NCP members) on heading the committees of churches, this was enabled NISS to confiscate church properties and sign unfair rent contracts of churches estates in favor of businessmen from the ruling party (NCP) or those connected to NISS officers. After the ouster of Al Bashir, the transitional government was expected to implement justice by dissolving the church committees allied to NCP, return the church properties and give power to genuine Christian representative. However, the ministry kept silent or passive towards the Christians and churches and hindered them from exercising their rights. For instance;
· On 3rd January 2021, the Sudanese Christ Church in Tambul (in Aljazeera State) was burnt down by unknown people. No complete investigation was conducted. The church/ worshipers requested for permission to build a church but it was denied and rejected by the authority.
· On 19th February 2021, Mr Osama Saeed (the chairperson of Christian Youth in Aljazeera State) was abducted tortured by four armed people and they detained him in unknown place in Medani town. According to the victim, this was in relation to the church burning in Tambul as he was insulted by the abductors accusing him of advocating for Christianity and supporting Tambul Christians in their request of building a church. No investigation was done and Aljazeera State governor had just delivered a statement saying that, Mr. Osman was kidnapped by uncontrolled people. Yet no one was arrested up to date. The affected rights: Right to life and safety; Rule of law.
· Articles (44 &48)Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (6& 26)International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights read with articles (3 &7) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights