UA Arrest of Mr. Mukwar in Damazin

No. H.K/UA/15/021
2nd August 2021
                                              URGENT APPEAL ARREST OF MR. MUKWAR BY SPLA-N (SRF) IN DAMAZIN, SUDAN
On 26thJuly 2021, Mr. Elamein Meida Mukwar was arrested by SPLA-N (SRF) in Damazin. The reason for his arrest was not given. His whereabouts is unknown that raised fear of he could be undergoing torture. On 26th July 2021, Sudan People Liberation Army – North (Sudan Revolutionary Front) officer arrested Mr. Elamein Meida Mukwar from Damazin market without giving a reason. The last time Mr. Mukwar had been seen was on the first day of his arrest at Malik Centre. One of Mr. Mukwar relatives informed HUDO Centre that “he had called Mr. Mukwar’s phone number but a different person answered while threatening that you will never see Mukwar again. Thereafter the phone was switched off up to date”. Since the first day of Mr. Mukwar’s arrest (26th July 2021), his whereabouts is unknown which raised the fear that he could be undergoing torture. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict areas. HUDO calls upon:

· Sudan People Liberation Army – North (Sudanese Revolutionary Front) to immediately released Mr. Elamein Meida Mukwar.
· Sudan government to investigate this case and hold to account those who are responsible for this arrest and forced disappearance.
· Sudan government to control their allied and partners armed groups.
· Sudan government to respect the constitutional rights of citizens
· Sudan government to respect its international obligations. HUDO Centre More information Mr. Elamein Meida Mukwar (32 years) was self-employed from Baganeit village of Bau locality in Blue Nile State. Damazin is the capital city of Blue Nile State. Malik Centre is a building in Damazin town used by SPLA-N (SRF) as headquarter office. SPLA-N (RSF) also known as Sudan people liberation Army – North of revolutionary Front is led by Mr. Malik Agar. This faction is one of the signatories of Juba peace agreement with Sudan government and joined the transitional government. Currently, they are represented by a member on the sovereign council and minister at the national ministerial council. One of their members has been recently appointed as a governor of Blue Nile State. From the time they joined government, they have been committing atrocities against civilians. For example;
· On 14thFebruary 2021, Mr. Ishag Ibrahim Abdalla (an elderly man) was in Oulo forest harvesting gum when four armed soldiers of Sudan People Liberation Army – North (SPLA-N) of Sudan revolutionary Front (RSF) appeared and ordered him to hand over the harvested gum to them. But, Mr. Ishag did not comply with their order and they shot him on his right leg and forcefully took his harvested gum. Up to date no action was taken by government authority or their commandant against them.
· On 18th March 2021, for unknown reason Mr. Mohammed Elamein Abduelrahman (33 years) and Mohammed Elmutasim were arrested by SPLA-N (RSF) at Elfuj while they were traveling from Guisan to Damazin. They had been held incommunicado and tortured at SPLA-N (SRF) camp for one month. They were released on 17th April 2021. During their detention, they were interrogated on suspicion that they could be collaborating with SPLA-N (headed by Abduelaziz Elhelo) members.
The affected rights: Personal Freedom

· Article 46 of Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Article 9 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights