Armed robbery and injuries in Talodi

HUDO Centre No.: H.K/PS/56/021
5th October 2021
                                                                                                             PRESS STATEMENT
                                             ARMED MAN ROBBED, SHOT AND INJURED TWO TRAVELLERS NEAR TALODI, SUDAN

On 28th September 2021,Mr. Yousif Adam Redwan and Mr. Eltayeb Khartoum were robbed, shot and injured by an armed man between Elganaya and Altugula gold mines in Talodi. This case was reported at Talodi police against anonymous but, police did not respond. On 28th September 2021, Mr. Yousif Adam Redwan and Mr. Eltayeb Khartoum were traveling on a motorbike from Elganaya goldmine to Altugula gold mine in Talodi locality. Along the way, an armed man obstructed them and he immediately shot at them. As a result of bullet shots, Mr. Redwan was injured in the abdomen while Mr. Khartoum was injured on the right leg. The assailant went ahead and robbed them of their motorbike, smart phones and money. The two injured men were later taken to Talodi hospital by other travelers who found them along the road. The following day, Mr. Redwan was taken by his family to Elobeid hospital for further treatment because his health condition had worsened. The families of the two victims reported the case to Talodi police against anonymous but police did not take any steps to investigate. The police could not even visit the crime scene reasoning that they had no fuel. Both Mr. Yousif Adam Redwan (48 years) and Mr. Eltayeb Khartoum (40 years) are residents of Talodi working at the gold mines. ElGanaya and Altugula are gold mines in Talodi Locality at a distant of about 30 km southeast Talodi town. Talodi is the capital of Talodi locality in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. Elobeid is capital of North Kordufan State at a distant of about 350 km from Talodi. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Sudan government to urgently address the causes of insecurity in Nuba Mountains.
· Sudan government to ensure that police executes their duties responsibly by observing the rule of law. · Sudan government to dissolve the government militias and disarm people with unlicensed firearms.

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