Campaign of Arrest in BN Update 2

HUDO Centre No. H.K/PS/64/021
Date: 7thNovember 2021
                                                   UPDATE (2) ON ARBITRARY ARREST CAMPAIGN IN BLUE NILE STATE, SUDAN

On 4th November 2021, the court session of the five students (demonstrators) in Damazin was held. The Judge dismissed the case against them (students) because of the absence of the complainant. On 25th October 2021, a group of Sudan Armed Force (SAF) soldiers arrested five university students in Damazin market. The names of arrested students are; ELsadig Abubaker, Mohammed Jumaa Ishaq, Abduelmajid Eisa Adam, Mohammed Abdalla and Mohammed Husham Eltayeb. A case was filed against them (students) at Damazin police under article 69 of Sudan Criminal Code 1991 (disturbance of public peace). They were later released that same day on bail. On 2 nd November 2021, they were (students) presented before the court but, the Judge adjourned hearing of the case to 4th November 2021 because the complainant and one of the defendants (Mohammed Husham Eltayeb) were absent. On 4th November 2021, the court session was held at Damazin court before Judge Alaa-Eldin Abdalla. All the five (5) defendants and their volunteer lawyers attended court. The complainant was absent (did not attend court). The Judge dismissed the case with a reason that there was no complainant. This was being the second time court sitting with no complainant. One of the defendants’ lawyers informed HUDO Centre that, the name of the complainant was written vaguely on police interrogation note. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians and calls upon:
· The prosecution office in Blue Nile State to stop arresting people arbitrarily and to drop all cases against the peaceful protestors
· The national, international organizations and UN agencies to pay attention to the conflict areas especially during this time of the military coup.

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