Activist summoned by MI in Damazin

HUDO Centre No. H.K/PS/71/021
25th November 2021
                                                                                                           PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                  ACTIVISTS SUMMONED BY MILITARY IN DAMAZIN, SUDAN

On 18th and 22nd November 2021, SAF/ MI summoned seven (7) activists in Damazin town and warned them about their involvement in demonstrations. They were interrogated and warned to avoid mobilizing public. On 18th November 2021, the Military Intelligence of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF/ MI) summoned three activists to appear at the military headquarters in Damazin. The three activists are; Dr. Farouq Suliman (42 years old) a medical practitioner, Mr. Munawar Abduelnabi (36 years old) a lecturer at Blue Nile University and Mr. Khaleifa Mohammed Khaleifa (44 years old) a government employee. The activists were interrogated about mobilizing the public and distributing banners to the youth in preparation for a demonstration scheduled for 21st Nov 2021. They were not detained but they were warned and ordered to stop such activities. On 22nd November 2021, four (4) other activists were summoned by SAF/ MI to the military headquarters in Damazin. Their names are; Ms. Rowaa Ali (32 years old) a teacher, Mr. Raafat Elrasheid (33 years old) a lawyer, Eng. Mohammed Galal (46 years old) manager of electrical station in Damazin and Dr. Zahraa Sediq Mohammed (28 years old) a female medical practitioner. They only interrogated Ms. Rowaa for having allowed her students to leave school early on 21st Nov 2021 which was considered by SAF/MI as a deliberate plan to let them (students) join the demonstration. All the activists were not detained but they were strictly instructed not to take part in demonstrations. Damazin is the capital city of Blue Nile State. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in Sudan and calls upon;
· Sudan Armed Force to stop arresting or summoning civilians.
· The attorney general and prosecution offices in states to investigate the conduct of SAF/MI.
· The national, international organizations and UN agencies to closely watch what is happening in the conflict areas mainly during this time of the public demonstration.

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