Farmer killed by armed people near Umbrembeta

HUDO Centre No.: H.K/PS/73/021
25th November 2021
                                                                                                            PRESS STATEMENT
                                                              FARMER KILLED BY ARMED PEOPLE NEAR UMBREMBETA, SUDAN

On 18th November 2021, armed people killed Mr. Simon Musa (a farmer) at his farm near Umbrembeta town and took away his belongings. The case was reported at Umbrembeta police. But, no further action has been taken by police. On 18th November 2021, Mr. Simon Musa Mallaf was working at his farm in Hegair Yasin of Umbrembeta. Three (3) armed and masked men attacked him, shot him and took the money he had from his pocket and his cell phone. One of his sons came to check on him at the farm because he delayed in getting back home. He found his father shot on the abdomen and lying down. The son called for assistance and they rushed him to Umbrembeta hospital. The victim’s family reported the case at Umbrembeta police office basing on the narration/ testimony given by the victim about the assailants. That same night, Simon (the victim) died as he was transported to Elobeid hospital for better health services/ care. The dead body was buried at Al[1]Rahad town. No investigation has been carried out by police yet. Mr. Simon Musa Mallaf (56 years) was a farmer and resident of Umbrembeta town. Hegair Yasin is about 6 km east Umbrembeta town in Abu-Kershola locality of South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. Elobeid is the capital of North Kordufan (NK) state in a distance of about 200 km from Umbrembeta. Al-Rahad is town in NK on the way between Umbrembeta and Obeid towns. HUDO is very concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Police in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to execute their duties responsibly.
· The prosecutor in South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains to ensure that there is rule of law.
· The authorities to dissolve and disarm militias.

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