UA Arrest of Mr. Mukwar in Damazin update 2

HUDO Centre No. H.K/UA/18/021
26th November 2021
                                              UPDATE (2) ON ARREST OF MR. MUKWAR BY SPLA-N (SRF) IN DAMAZIN, SUDAN

On 27thSeptember 2021, Mr. Mukwar managed to escape from the SPLA-N (RSF) guards who had abducted him on 26th July 2021 in Blue Nile State. Currently Mr. Mukwar is hiding and in a very bad health state because of torture, he was interrogated under suspicion of being SPLA[1]N member. According to Mr. Makwar’s testimony, when he was arrested in Damazin by 26 July 2021, he was tied on chains and transported to SPLA-N (RSF) camp in Kalan where he was detained in an underground cell (hole). That he was given very little food and water and that he was continuously tortured (beaten), the torture ordeal was supervised by brigadier-general/ Fareid Elfahal Musa. During interrogation under detention, he was accused of associating with SPLM-N group affiliated to Mr. Elhelu (faction leader). On 27th September 2021, his jailors decided to transfer him from Kalan camp to Oulo camp. While on their way, his prison guard decided to spend the night at Ahmar Sedak (midway) because of heavy rains. At this point, Mr. Mukwar managed to escape and ran throughout the night with his chains. He randomly found herder within the jungle who assisted and unchained (freed) him. Currently Mr. Mukwar is hiding with serious medical condition from the torture he had undergone and hunger/ starvation.

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