tribal conflict in Abu Jibaiha

No. H.K/UA/19/021
15th December 2021

On 30th November 2021, cattle looters triggered tribal fights in Abu-Jibaiha and as a result, people were killed, others injured and houses were burnt. The situation is still tense and the governmental authorities did not intervened adequately. On 30th November 2021, cattle were looted from Jabarouna in Abu-Jibaiha. The three cattle owners from Kenana tribe pursued the looters. They used a motorbike while following the cattle footsteps. When they approached the cattle, the armed thieves (cattle looters) shot and killed two of the cattle owners (Mr. Mohammed Elmadani and Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim). The third one (Mr. Abbas Elmadani – he is a brother of Mohammed Elmadani) survived but he sustained injuries. The cattle looters also took the victims’ motorbike and they went away. The injured person (Abbas) used a phone to call his family for rescue. The relatives came to the incident scene and took him (the injured) with the two dead bodies to Abu-Jibaiha hospital. Abbas also recognized two of the thieves; that they are from his neighbourhood (Jabarouna) and they are from Hawazma tribe. On 1 st December 2021, the two dead bodies were buried. After the burial some of the victims’ relatives attacked the homes of the cattle looters and burnt their houses. The fire extended to many other houses (estimated to be over hundred houses) and this caused displacement of many families to Abu-Jibaiha town. On 2 nd and 3rd December 2021, a group of armed people from Hawazma tribe attacked residents of Jabourna. The fight took place between the two tribes using fire arms (guns). As a result, many people were killed and others injured among the two fighting tribes. The residents (especially women and children) of Jabarouna and other neighbourhood were displaced (relocated) to the eastern part of the town (opposite side of the town). This is the list of causalities from Kenana tribe (excluding who were killed and injured by cattle looters above): Names of the dead; Eltayeb Hasabu, Elsamani Mohammed Abdalla, Musa Eldegail, Daheeya Elsheikh, Mohammed Hassan and Hassabu Berair. HUDO Centre The injured are; Abdalla Elrayah, Bashir Abdalla, Higazi Hussein, Hassan Yousif, Abdalla Elnabeil, Edriss Mohammed, Ismail Fadelalla, Elsherif Ismail, Mohammed Omer and other three with minor injuries. The injured received medical treatment at Abu-Jibaiha hospital and others were referred to El-Obeid and Khartoum hospitals. The causalities (the dead and injured) among Hawazma tribe have not been revealed. Some people of Hawazma tribe in Abu-Jibaiha who spoke to HUDO Centre said that, their fellow tribesmen who conducted this invasion had come from other places. The Kenana men also said that, they had buried about thirteen dead bodies of Hawazma people and that they were not familiar. Also, reliable sources confirmed tens of injuries among Hawazma. The current situation is still tense which may hinder economic activities like conducting the weekly market (Monday and Friday). Some of the displaced people were hosted by relatives and friends within the town and others settled at Al-Gardoud school. All these incidents happened with no intervention from the authorities at the locality level (government) and security organs. It is only on 4th December 2021, when the authorities announced a night curfew. Recently, Rabid Support Force (RSF) deployed in Abu-Jibaiha town but the general public is suspicious of their intentions. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the situation of civilians in Abu-Jibaiha and calls upon:
· Sudan government to urgently solve the tribal conflict and the insecurity in Abu-Jibaiha.
· Sudan government to ensure that there is rule of law, safety of people and their property.
· The security committee in South Kordufan State should be held to account.
· Sudan government to dissolve the government militias and disarm people with unlicensed firearms. HUDO Centre More information Abu-Jibaiha is a capital city of Abu-Jibaiha locality in the eastern region of Nuba Mountains/ South Kordufan State. Jabarouna is a neighbourhood in the west end of Abu-Jibaiha town and mostly inhabited by pastoralists from Kenana and Hawazma tribes. The two tribes have been living together in peace despite the differences/conflicts between their tribes. The trigger of this tribal conflict predates back to January 2020 at Elhemaid area (between Kologi and Abu[1]Jibaiha towns).The conflict was between Dar Ali-tribe/ Hawazma and Kenana tribes and later it involved other neighbouring tribes like Kawahla-tribe, Lougan-tribe and Kao-Nyaro against Dar Ali/ Hawazma. Initially, the two tribes were armed by the former regime (of Al-Bishir) as part of the Popular Defense Force (PDF). Since the conflict started in January 2020, many people have been killed within the eastern region of South Kordufan where the two tribal people target each other. For instance in Abu-Jibaiha:
· On 26thJuly 2021, Mr. Bahaa-Eldein Hasabu Hamad together with his brother Mr. Eltayeb and other two farmers were shot at. The victims were at their agricultural scheme located between Abu-Jibaiha and Elrahmania when five (5) armed people attacked and shot at them. As a result, Mr. Bahaa-Eldein died while the other three sustained injuries. The injured people recognized some of the attackers as Hawazma people and reported/ filed the case at Abu-Jibaiha police but no action was taken by police. Note: This Eltayeb is the same who was killed on 2nd December 2021 (reported in this incident and his name was mentioned among Kenana people who were killed).
· On 22nd October 2021, armed people dressed in RSF and PDF uniform attacked Attur village in Abu Jibaiha locality (inhabited by Kenana tribe), and they killed Abduelgawi Ismail, Elhaj Mohammed Hussein, Ibrahim Musa Abduelgawi and Abdu Kororo. Kenana people/ tribe accused Hawazma people/tribe to be behind the incident and filed a case against them at Abu-Jibaiha police but no assailant was apprehended.

The affected rights: Right to life and safety; rule of law
· Articles (44 & 48)Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (6 & 26)International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights read with articles (3 &7) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights