Farmers found dead in Aried (1)

HUDO Centre No.: H.K/PS/08/022
26th January 2022
                                                                                                            PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                         FARMER FOUND DEAD AT HIS FARM IN ARIED, SUDAN

On 24th January 2022, a farmer was found dead at his farm in Aried. The dead body had gunshot wounds and a slit neck. The family reported the murder case anonymously to Abu[1]Jibaiha police but the police did not investigate further. On 24th January 2022, Mr. Mohammed Sayed Abo was found by his family and fellow farmers’ dead at his farm in Aried village in Abu-Jibaiha locality. His body had gunshot wounds on different parts of the body and a cut on the neck. The observation at the crime scene indicated that footsteps of the assailants took to the west direction. The community members took the dead body to Abu-Jibaiha hospital and thereafter buried it. The murder case was reported by his family members to Abu-Jibaiha police but no investigations were carried out. Police did not even visit the crime scene. Mr. Mohammed Sayed Abo was a farmer. Aried is a village in Abu-Jibaiha locality of South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains, it is about 45 km south of Abu-Jibaiha town (the locality’s capital). HUDO is very concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;
· Police in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to immediately investigate this case.
· The prosecutor in South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains to ensure that there is rule of law.
· The security committee in South Kordufan state to dissolve and disarm militias and ensure that there’s safety of civilians.

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