Arrest of female activist in Kadogli

HUDO Centre No. H.K/PS/09/022
4th February 2022
                                                                                                           PRESS STATEMENT
                                                                          ARREST OF A FEMALE ACTIVIST IN KADOGLI, SUDAN

On 18th January 2022, the activist Ms. Azaheir Adam Daheeya was arrested by SAF/ MI soldiers from her office and taken to Kadogli central police accusing her of cyber crime and they filed a case against her. She was later released on bail that evening. On 18th January 2022, Ms. Azaheir Adam Daheeya was arrested by Sudan Armed Force/ Military Intelligence (SAF/ MI) soldiers from her office/ working place. They took her to Kadogli central police office where they filed a case against her under articles (14- Disturbance of public order and moral, 24- Attempt and 25- Confiscation) of Cyber Act (amendment 2020). She was released on bail conditions in the evening (same day). She was arrested because of posting (publishing) an article on her Facebook account criticizing SAF for recruiting child soldiers. Yet, SAF/MI had conducted an event (celebration) on 12th January 2022 in Kadogli where underage soldiers appeared among the recently recruited soldiers and the event was witnessed by the general public. Ms. Azaheir Adam Daheeya (24 years old) is known social, youth and syndicalistic activist also she is an engineer working at land authority in Kadogli of South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. HUDO is very concerned about the situation of civilians in Sudan and calls upon:
· Sudan Armed force/ Military intelligence in Kadogli to stop arresting civilians arbitrarily.
· The prosecution office in Kadogli to dismiss the flimsy charges against Ms. Ezdehar.
· The national and international organizations together with UN agencies to pay more attention to the conflict areas and to investigate allegations of child soldiers in Kadogli.

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