UA Attacks and Displacements in Lagawa update 1

 No. H.K/UA/09/022                                                                                                                                                                 Date: 7th November 2022 

                                                                                                                     UPDATE (1)
RSF REINFORCED MISSERIYA TRIBE TO ATTACK, KILL AND DISPLACE PEOPLE IN LAGAWA, SUDANUp to date, Lagawa town is occupied by RSF. All civilians who had sought refuge at the military base were deported to Kadogli and Dilling towns. The abducted underage boy who was held in a nomad camp, was allowed to communicate to his mother.  The Rapid Support Force (RSF) camped in the mid of Lagawa town away from the military headquarters with about thirty five (35) pickup vehicles. All Lagawa residents who were displaced to the military base in town had been transferred and relocated to Dilling and Kadogli towns. Other residents moved further to other towns. Some residents mainly of Misseriya tribe managed to return  to Lagawa.The abducted underage (Jammah Eltaj Jammah, 14 years old, student) was allowed by his kidnapers to call his mother and inform her that he is fine and held at a nomad camp. The kidnapers informed the mother that, they will keep her son until their person who was abducted by Lagawa youth is brought back (according to their wording).
Note:  14thOctober 2022, Rapid Support Force (RSF) with about fifty (50) pickup vehicles invaded Lagawa and its suburbs targeting Nuba tribes. They killed, injured, looted and burnt down their houses. They caused major displacement of Lagawa residents. There was no intervention of security forces to stop this attack. This was triggered by the land ownership dispute of Lagawa territory by Misseriya.
HUDO is very concerned about the safety of civilians/ and calls upon;

  •  Sudan government to immediately conduct comprehensive investigations in Lagawa concerning this invasion.
  •  Authorities to make sure that the kidnaped underage boy is brought back to his family immediately.
  •  The West Kordufan State government and security committee to execute their duties towards citizens responsibly.
  •  To immediately withdraw the RSF invaders from Lagawa town and to account for their misconduct (loss of lives and property).

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