Arrest of Mr. Elqadi by SAF in Damazin update

HUDO Centre No. H.K/UA/12/022
30th November 2022
                                                   UPDATE ON ARREST OF MR. ABDELMONEIM ELQADI BY SAF IN DAMAZIN, SUDAN

On 8 th November 2022, Mr. Abdelmoneim Eisa Elqadi was released by SAF from their custody in Damazin military headquarters. SAF had detained him for five days incommunicado. Mr. Abdelmoneim Eisa Elqadi was arrested on 4th November 2022 from his house in Damazin town by a group of armed soldiers some dressed in Sudan Armed Force (SAF) uniform. They took him to Damazin military base (quarters) where he was held incommunicado. On 8th November 2022, Mr. Elqadi was released and the reason for his arrest was not revealed or the conditions of his release. HUDO Centre is very concerned about the situation of civilians in conflict States and calls upon;

· SAF in Damazin to stop arresting civilians arbitrarily.
· The Ministry of Defense to investigate the circumstances around Mr. Elqadi’s arrest by SAF in Damazin and to make the findings public.

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