Revoking of CAFA license by HAC in Blue Nile

HUDO Centre No. H.K/PS/57/022
23rd December 2022

29th November 2022, the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in Blue Nile State revoked a license of CAFA organization with no chance to appeal. This happened basing on allegations that were not investigated however; CAFA is one of the active organizations in Blue Nile state. On 7 thNovember 2022, the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in Damazin suspended CAFA organization and all its operations.The decision was based on allegations that CAFA had brought high technology cameras for documentation without informing the concern authorities. However, the cameras were found at a shop not CAFA office. The same day, CAFA replied to HAC (wrote a letter) expressing that they have no connections with the mentioned cameras and that they are working according to HAC guidelines and procedures. In the same letter to HAC, CAFA expressed that they were open and ready for any form of investigations. On 21st November 2022, CAFA received the letter of suspension (order) and closure of its office in Blue Nile.On 29thNovember 2022, CAFA received another letter from HAC revoking its operating license with no chance for appeal. CAFA is an active community based organizations (CBO) working on the issues of health and water. CAFA helps the vulnerable communities especially those affected by the war and tribal conflicts as well as refugees in Blue Nile State. HUDO is very concerned about the incident and calls upon:
· The Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in Blue Nile State to reconsider their decision and also carry out an open investigation towards CAFA
· The national, international organizations and UN agencies to pay more attention to what is taking place in the conflict areas of Sudan.

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