No.: H.K/PS/15/023
30th April 2023

                                                                                    PRESS STATEMENT
                                              RSF ASSASSINATED NGO WORKER NEAR ELOBEID, SUDAN
On 21 stApril 2023, Mr. Ahmed Osman was shot dead by RSF soldiers near Elobeid. He was
shot along the way as he travelled (driving) with his family from Elobeid to Kadogli fleeing
from the conflict in Elobeid town.
 On 21 st April 2023 soon after the Eid prayers, Mr. Ahmed Osman drove his vehicle with his family on board heading to Kadogli from El-Obeid using the announced ceasefire by the two warring parties (SAF and RSF) for Fitr Eid. They were fleeing the fighting/ confrontation between SAF and RSF which had extended to Elobeid town. When Mr.Osman and family had reached Al-Rayash village, he was obstructed and stopped by a group of RSF soldiers but he couldn’t stop timely. The RSF soldiers immediately shot bullets toward the vehicle (at him). The Bullet injured Mr. Osman on the neck but he managed to drive for more than twenty (20) km up to a safe place at Kazgeil village where he stopped and shortly after passed away (died) due to a severe bleeding. A medical doctor spoke toHUDO Centre saying that; “the spot of injury (neck) can tell the intention of
the shooter was to kill”. Mr. Ahmed Osman, (48 years old), is employee of International Organization for Migration (IOM) in West Kordufan State. Al-Rayash village is about 1 5 km south of El-Obeid/ the capital city of North Kordufan State, and Kazgeil is about 25km south Al-Rayash village.

HUDO Centre is very concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians within the ongoing military conflict and calls upon the two warring parties;
· To stop immediately the military fighting.
· To avoid any military activities within towns and public areas.
· To adhere to the announced ceasefire.

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