No. H.K/UA/04/023
24th April 2023

                                                                                      URGENT APPEAL
                                          THE TRIBAL CONFLICT RESUMES AGAIN IN BLUE NILE, SUDAN
On 21st April 2023, a group of people from Hawsa tribe attacked people of Funj tribe in Madinah-
8 located in Guisan locality. The attack was linked to the conflict that has been going on between
the two tribes (Hawsa and Funj). As a result of this violent attack, many people were injured and
others died. The authorities in Blue Nile could not help and tensions are still high.
On 21 st April 2023, a group of people (Hawsa tribe) from Madinah-9 attacked the people of Funj tribe
in Madinah-8. The members of Funj tribal group fought and pushed back the attackers. Sudan Armed
Force (SAF) soldiers had earlier informed/ alerted the Funj people about the potential attack. As a result
of this fight, more than nine (9) people of Hawsa tribe (the attackers) were killed and two (2) people
from the Funj tribe were injured.
The same day, a group of Hawsa people obstructed the road from Bulung to Damazin and killed the
driver and two passengers (who were from Funj tribe). They also set the vehicle on fire while the other
passengers escaped from the scene.
By evening time (21st April 2023), the governor of Blue Nile State further declared the extension of the
“state of emergency” for more thirty (30) days. That was the only intervention from the authorities.
Note: HUDO Centre was not able to get the names of the victims

HUDO Centre is very concerned about the situation of civilians in Blue Nile State and calls upon:
· Authorities in Blue Nile state to urgently solve the tribal conflicts and the insecurity.
· The authorities in Blue Nile state to ensure that there is rule of law, safety of people and their
· The community leaders in Blue Nile state to intervene in mediation and calm the situation.

More information
Blue Nile is one of the states that have been undergoing conflict in Sudan. However, the current conflict/
fighting between Sudan Armed Force (SAF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF) has not fully reached there in Blue Nile.
Sadly, the tribal conflict between Hawsa and Funj tribes which erupted in the year 2022 was partly triggered by the laxity of security forces. The tribal conflict resulted into violent acts between July and October 2022 whereby hundreds of people were killed and others injured, houses were burnt and thousands displaced.
Madinah-8 is located in Guisan locality at the western shore of the Blue Nile River. In October 2022, the people of Hawsa tribe were forced by Funj people to evacuate Madinah – 8 (displaced) to Madinah-9.

The affected rights: Right to life and safety; rule of law
· Articles (44 &48) Sudan Transition Constitutional Document 2019
· Articles (6& 26) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights together with articles (3 &7) in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights