No.: H.K/PS/14/023
29th April 2023

                                             UPDATE ON SAF ARRESTS MR. MAHANA IN TALODI, SUDAN
On 25th April 2023, Mr. Mahana Hanai was released by SAF in Talodi after detaining him for
almost a week. He was held incommunicado, ill-treatment and tortured under SAF detention.
SAF released him after failing to find credible evidence against him regardless of their
interrogations and torture.
Mr. Mahana Hanai was violently arrested by six (6) Sudan Armed Force (SAF) soldiers on 19th April
2023. The soldiers were part of the group which came with two vehicles that took Mr. Mahana to Talodi military base after assaulting and tying him with a rope. During interrogation SAF accused him of smuggling fuel to South Sudan. On 25th April 2023, SAF released Mr. Mahana Hanai after a series of interrogations under torture. They released him after failing to find evidence to support their accusation. Though Mr. Mahana has been released, he is in a bad physical and psychological state as a result of torture. Mr. Mahana Hanai (35 years old) is a tuktuk driver. Talodi town is the capital of Talodi locality in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains.
HUDO Centre is deeply concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon:
· SAF in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to investigate the arrest of Mr. Mahana and the conduct of soldiers during his arrest
· SAF in Talodi should account for their conduct towards Mr. Mahana
· SAF in Talodi to stop arresting civilians.
· The prosecutor in South Kordufan State to investigate this case and make the findings public.

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