No.: H.K/PS/17/023
Date: 29th May 2023

                                                                                                             PRESS STATEMENT

                                                         RSF SOLDIERS SHOT AND KILLED MR. ADAM NEAR ABU-KERSHOLA, SUDAN

On 10th May 2023, a group of gunmen dressed in Rapid Support Forces (RSF) uniform shot
and killed Mr. Adam Edris (a farmer) while he was in the way to his farm near Abu-Kershola.
The case was reported at Abu Kershola police, but the police did not respond.
On 10th May 2023, Mr. Adam Edris Abu-ginda was gunned down while he was going to his farm at AlJebailat village near Abu-Kershola. Before reaching the farm, Mr. Adam Edris met a group of seven (7) individuals dressed in rapid support forces (RSF) uniform and they confronted him. Other people/ farmers who were hiding nearby heard Mr. Adam screams of plea, the sound of gunfire and had seen the assailants. They ran back to the scene after the assailants disappeared only to find Mr. Adam had just been shot-dead. They took the dead body of the victim to the home where it was buried.

The case was reported to Abu Kershola police, but the police did not move to the scene of crime or conduct investigations. One of the residents of the area informed HUDO Centre that, “The civilians of Abu-Kershola and the
surrounding areas are currently terrified because they notice crowds and movements of
armed groups affiliated to the RSF and Arab tribes militia.” Mr. Adam Edris Abu-ginda (28 years old) was a resident of Al-Jebailat village, a farmer and from Tagoey tribe (Nuba). Al-Jebailat village is located about 15 km south Abu-Kershola town the capital of Abu-Kershola locality in South Kordufan state/ Nuba Mountains.

HUDO Centre is very concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians within the ongoing military conflict and calls upon;
· The Police in South Kordufan State /Nuba Mountains should carry out their duties responsibly and quickly investigate this case.
· The Chief Public Prosecutor in South Kordufan State / Nuba Mountains to ensure that there is rule of law.
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