No. H.K/UA/07/023
Date: 13th June 2023

Since 23rd April 2023, RSF together with Arab militias invaded Al Geneina town and other parts in West Darfur State in a devastating way. This has been part of the ongoing war between SAF and RSF. As a result of these attacks, more than thousand have died, thousands have been injured and there is complete destruction of public and private property. The citizens are lacking social services and it is difficult for them to flee from the area.
On 23rd April 2023, the war started in Al Geneina town by a group of Rapid Support Force soldiers (RSF) who ambush Sudan Armed Force (SAF) convoy near Jebel neighbourhood. SAF soldiers were ambushed as they moved back from the joint military force base. The days that followed, RSF soldiers were joined (reinforced) by Arab militias from different parts of Darfur and neighbouring countries and they entirely destroyed the whole town of Al Geneina.
For instance;
· All premises of the ministries, hospital, clinics, and government offices were attacked,
destroyed, looted and burnt down.
· The electricity generating unit and water sources were completely destroyed
· Al Geneina market, mosques and schools were attacked, looted and burnt
· More than twenty IDPs sheltering centres and IDPs camps (Krending and Jebel) were
attacked, looted and burnt.
· Al Geneina town and most of its neighbourhoods were attacked, looted and burnt.
The destruction is still going on and according to the activists and community leaders from Al
§ The number of death is one thousand, one hundred and twenty one (1121) among them are
children, women, elder people and renal failure patients.
§ Two thousand, two hundred and seventy (2270) are the injured persons.

Up to date, Al Geneina town is under siege by RSF and Arab militias, carrying out attacks from time to time and targeting activists and intellectuals especially those from Massalit tribe. There are snipers in some parts of the town limiting the civilians’ movement.
The invasion (attacks) included other parts of west Darfur like;

Habilla locality; on 24th April 2023, RSF troops invaded Habilla town and the security organs (SAF, police and General Intelligence Service) immediately abandoned/quit the town. After one week, the RSF moved out of this town and handed it over to Arab militias. The Arab militias imposed daily payment on the residents as cost (tax) of not looting them or killing them. They also put a ban on any movements out of the town and other villages within the locality (like tewainj village). The Arab militias have been executing people selectively.

Mesteri and Moley; on 9thMay 2023, some of the residents of these villages were displaced to Chad.
They sought refuge after being intimidated and threatened by attacks. From 22nd May 2023, Mesteri had been under series of attacks for two weeks which resulted in the death of ninety seven (97) people, fifty (50) injured, and thirteen (13) abducted. The whole village was looted and burnt down that forced all its dwellers to displace to Chad.
A medical doctor from Al Geneina described the situation that; “It’s very similar to the genocide that took place in Rwanda where by the world watched the mass selective killing with zero intervention.
Everyone in Al Geneina particularly from Massalit tribe is expecting and waiting his/her death”.
HUDO Centre is very concerned about the safety of civilians in Sudan within this very bad period and urgently calls upon:
· The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Darfur regional authority to exercise their
responsibility of protecting civilians in Darfur.
· The African Peace and Security Council to take the necessary measures towards civilians’
security and to secure safe passes for civilians and humanitarian assistance.
· The Mediators in Jeddah (US and KSA) to consider in any potential cease fire between the two
warring parties to be conducted also in Darfur and other parts of Sudan.
· The UN Security Council to conduct fact finding mission and investigate the ongoing atrocities.

More information
Since 15th April 2023, there is a military confrontation (fighting) between SAF and RSF in Khartoum and other states. This caused a lot of damage amongst civilians, thousands were killed, injuries and many people were displaced. West Darfur State is the most affected with less focus and intervention from national and international communities. The people in Darfur have not benefited/experienced any of the announced series of cease fire.
Al Geneina is the capital city of West Darfur State located at the western border of Sudan with Chad.
Habilla town is capital of Habilla locality in West Darfur State at a distance of about 55 km north east Al Geneina town.
Mesteri is a village along the border with Chad in a distance of approximately 45 km south west Al Geneina town.
The invasion on Al Geneina started from east, west and south directions of the town. After the first two weeks the attacks been in intervals and it caused internal displacement.

The most affected neighbourhoods of the south and southwest parts of the town; Elthowra, Eltadamoun, Hai Elmajles, Alzuhur, Elmadares, AlJamarek, Alsafia, Murabaa 8, Murabaa 19 and Jebel (squares 2, 3 and 7) among others. The residents of these neighbourhoods have been displaced to north and east of the town at neighbourhoods of; Hai Alsalam, Alkefah, Elreyad, Elemtedad, Elnaseem, Elshadei, Elrahma, Ardimata and East the Wadi.
During the month of May attacks, the Massalit community leader/ Sultan’s house was attacked, looted and one of the princes was kidnapped for some hours.
The distance between Al Geneina and the nearest town in Chad is only twenty seven (27) km with three road connecting the two towns (Al Geneina and Adre) however, currently the RSF and militia have established about six checkpoints on each road targeting the fleeing civilians from African ethnicity in particular Massalit. This hinders civilians from seeking refuge or transport the injured people.

Health Status in Al Geneina: The hospital was looted completely even the patients’ beds, the building was partially destroyed, ambulance vehicles were looted. Other health centres, private clinics and pharmacies were looted. According to the humanitarian aid commissioner in West Darfur State; the West Darfur government (the governor) has made patients referral arrangement with Adre town of Chad however, they are not able to transport them because of insecurity
along the roads.
Some of the medical personnel have taken the initiative of creating emergency hospital using some houses however they are lacking medicines and equipment to use. Also some people resorted to treat their injured relatives using traditional methods like use of herbs. All the registered sixty seven (67) renal failure patients who were under dialysis died since
there was no follow up and hospital collapse.
Water source; all the estimated number of Al Geneina citizens (above half million) rely on two hand pumps only and couldn’t use the local wells in the Wadi (seasonal river) because of snipers.

The affected rights: Security of persons and their properties
· Articles (4 & 6) of African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights
· Article (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.